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WTS: Open Class M1 Competition Shotgun with ALL GEAR!!!


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I am selling EVERYTHING you need to shoot "open class" 3 gun for your shotgun. I am selling a 27" M1 Super 90 that has pretty much every upgrade you could want to do to it for open class shotgun. The extra length is ideal since you want a 10+1 capacity in open (USPSA rule limitation). The barrel was ported by Briley. It comes with a Burris FastFire II/Speedbead system mounted and already sighted in for slug impacts at 100 yards. It has the Arredondo Loader assist installed as shown. I added grip tape to the Arredondo load assist as I like to hold the receiver on the pictured spot when using the tech loaders. The bolt release was drilled and tapped to take an arredondo large bolt release button. The front fore grip was replaced with an M2 fore grip (I like the way it looks and feels better). All the grips have been stippled as pictured. The lifter was welded by CRums so you don't get your thumb chewed if you need to load one "the traditional way" in the middle of a course of fire. The bolt has also been lightened as shown. I am INCLUDING SIX Techloaders with the Arredondo guide rods and the 3 gun gear pouch for them (this is a $250 by itself). The stock was also fitted with a Noveske QD in the butt stock and the Noveske Sling QD in on the nordic clamp. I am also including two Briley Extended Chokes (IC and Modified) as well as Benelli Chokes for Full, IM, CY, etc) EVERYTHING pictured is yours for $1575 SHIPPED CONUS to your FFL. IMO this is a GREAT deal and a very inexpensive way to get into Open.



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