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Magazines for R1 .338 Win Mag out for purchase!


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Hey the wait is over, we can get spare magazines for the R1 in .338 win mag!

:o They are 3 round mags and you can get them at Mann & Sons 618-357-2911 or at Brownells 800-741-0015.


Benelli's part number for the magazines is 81420.


Thats the good news!


Now the bad news:mad: neither place has the items listed yet and are waiting on Benelli to get them heading there way as of today 15 Feb 2012.


We have severall 338 R1 owners up here in Alaska that want spare magazines, I want 4 myself.


Next thing I have hoped for and have asked Benelli for is a 5 round magazine for the 338.

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Mann & sons gave a price of $90.00 each and said Benelli is shipping them on request, they have 16 in stock only. The folks at Mann's were on the spot and very helpfull and quick to look into the matter with Benelli.


Brownells was freindly but have not heard back from them yet.


Guess Manns will be who I order them from.

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