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Any down side to a Nordic extension tube for an M2?


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I have a new M2 field on the way. I should have it late this week. I am thinking about adding a Nordic components 3 or 7 round extension tube (I'd like the five rounder, but it seems to be sold out everywhere).


I have read a few vague comments about feeding problems with an extended mag tube.


Also, is there any noticeable or appreciable benefit to the Nordic oversized bolt handle? I am new to shotguns, so any suggestions or advice is appreciated.





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My M2 is new so don't have a long track record yet. Mine has the 21" barrel so bought the 5 extension tube. I bought direct from Nordic. They were out of stock at the time but delivery was quick. They are good folks and were helpful. I bought their low friction follower and a clamp. Looked at other manufacturers but Nordic seemed to be uniformly mentioned as the best. Also Benelli's new 3 Gun shotgun comes with Nordic extension. I consider that a pretty good endorsement.

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