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Question to you shot gun wizards---


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Question to you shot gun wizards: I just bought a Benelli Vinci and shot a fixed 9" pie plate at 25 yards with Trap shot #8. My hit is higher and left. (Most of the shot. Yes I hit the top half enough that a bird should be hit). This is standing, then sitting with a tripod, then with a table and gun vice. The drop change shim now in the gun is B 60 + right. What do you recommend?


Also the spring cap nut does not want to move (loosen) and I'm afraid to put so much pressure on the stock. I was going to change and trial and error until I hit the pie plate solid several times.


Yes.. I did throw some clay birds and very often would only chip them instead of a full load hit. The choke is full. I tried all the choke tubes and full is the best for both birdshot and 3" 000 buck shotl. (10 pellets).


The gun will only be used for deer hunting with buck shot but I'll shoot clay birds until I have a total familiarity of the Vinci. (I have 2 claybirds throwers- one is auto powerd by 12 volt battery.)


The forward of the trigger guard safety will take a long time to get use to it. My Rem 1100's safety is behind the trigger guard.


Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Frank in Virginia~

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Frank, sorry your having trouble with your Vinci. I have a SBE II that I trukey hunt with and use the tru glow sights. It shoots a little high and to the right without the sights. You might give these a try since you'll be shooting buck shot mostly. I take the sights off when shooting sporting clays but think most of my misses is the shooter (me). Good luck! Bob in NC.

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Frank, my gun has the shim's that fit between the stock and THE reciever, but I've never tried changing them. You might have a good point there depending on how your gun fits your length of pull and shoulder. I'm happy with the sights I use for turkey hunting even though my 74 year old turkey hunting buddy gives me a hard time about them. He tells me that a turkey gun needs only 3 things and that's-------- BOOM! BOOM! AND BOOM!

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