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M4 questions


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I'm thinking of getting an M4 if I can find one configured the way I want it (I want it with the straight stock).

I have a few questions that I hope someone can answer.


1) How is the recoil compared to the M1S90?


2) The broken bolt and pistons that I've been reading about have me concerned. Are these problems restricted to only the guns with the 4-port barrels or are the 2-port barrels also affected?


3) Do most of the M4s sold have the 4-port barrels? To get the 2-port barrel, do I need to order one?


4) Will the gun reliably cycle reduced recoil rounds if it has the 2-port barrel?


5) How is cleaning and maintenance compared to the M1/M2 Benellis?


6) Someone mentioned that the early production M4s seemed to have better quality than the more recent ones. What differences are people seeing that makes them think that?


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