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Thinking about buying an MR1. Please share your experience's.

gun smoke

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I have been thinking about getting an MR1 for a while now. I am not a fan of the ar platform and recently sold mine. I would like something different that will not be picky with ammo. Benelli makes incredible high quality weapons but I cant seem to find many reviews on this platform. Any reviews I have found are very one sided the user either loves it or hates it. I have never shot one nor do I know anyone who has one. I am looking for it to be a replacement for my AR but can not find it for cheap and dont want to shell out $1300 for something I may not be happy with. I was about to purchase it and I came across threads on here with negative reviews having bbl pitting and piston corrosion issue's. Both scared me and now I want it but am reluctant. These people stated problems after less than 100 rounds but I dont know if I should believe them. Who knows if the guy that cooroded his piston with 70 rounds didnt have it in the swamps not clean it and took a year to fire the 70 rounds or even if the round count he stated could be false. Not calling anyone a liar just saying they could be lying for warranty purposes. Please tell me about your experience with this platform. Thank you.

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Gun Smoke,

A friend of mine bought one, he's one of these people that "has to have" the latest and greatest. I've shot it. My opinion, don't waste your $$$ It's an overpriced warmed over AR-15 wannabe. Don't get me wrong, it's high quality and accurate. But for the money there are better rifles out there for less money.


I'd recommend looking at Windham Weaponry Rifles. Better rifle for A LOT less money.


Good Luck.

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Yes.Windham Weaponry is owned by Dick Dyke, who owned Bushmaster, then sold it to Remington. Remington bought the name but not the factory. Dick waited till his "no compete" agreement was up, then formed Windham Weaponry at the former Bushmaster factory with many of the former employees.

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