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How to get extra capacity out of the M4


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Finally picked up an M4 and working on getting it all 922® compliant (pretty easy will all of the information and items out there). I am going to be using it for 3-gun comps. I would like to get it to where I would have at least 9 rounds in the magazine tube. I know the tube with after market extension will stick out past the end of the barrel. A couple of inches will not be effected by getting hit by shot as the pattern at that range is still pretty much the size of the bore or a just a fraction larger. What I have been having a difficult time finding is what extension will allow me to achieve my goal of having a 9+1+1 capacity on my M4?


I have heard some people using the Nordic extensions for the Nova and others the M2. Because of all of the misinformation on the internet does anyone have any experience with an extension past the end of the barrel? Do I need an extension for the Nova or the M2?

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Compared the end of the M4 tube to both a Nova and M2. If you want to add a +2 or +3 extension to the end of the M4 full length tube you need to go with the Nova extension. The M2 is way too big to contact the threads. Granted the tube will stick out past the barrel.

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if I did this I would also thread on a breacher choke / compensator on the end. would look much better too. however I a happy with my M4 in 3gun using 7+1+1. I think if you can start or hold over 10 it puts you in higher class. or 10 is the limit ?

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