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  1. Anyone own a Benelli M4 and a Remington versa Max ? I've been shooting and four and just bought the new versa Max competition tactical to shoot three gun It's design is almost identical to the Bonelli M4… It appears that the trigger group and the bolt carrier are identical . The piston set up looks identical except for the plugs that hold the pistons in . The magazine spring plug is a little different and of course the magazine and barrel set up is different . It also appears the bolt release and safety are identical . Does anyone have more info on this did the companies cooperate on this or did Remington versus rights to the design? Also has anyone tried interchanging parts
  2. I have tried search and google I want something more visible both front and rear, fiber optic or bigger dots maybe a more visible post? The dot on the high viz front post looks tiny. Arre there any other options ?
  3. Sharkey did you change the spring ?
  4. agree. my factory rail works fine. why pay to change it. also these other rails don't have the cut, so how is the view of the sights.
  5. love mine. put lock tight on the threads and its good to go.
  6. yes I slid off the urbino hand grip and slid on the stock beneli handgrip its a better fit for me
  7. sorry they are not in their camo jackets or bomber jackets.
  8. i have the carirer comp and love it
  9. simple. urbino should be simple too.
  10. this thread is stupid as are all these stupid laws.
  11. price seems a bit high even with the extras and the panic thrown in ??? what do you think is a FAIR price. ?
  12. I oil per the manual. lightly on trigger assemble, quite a bit on the bolt carrier group. about 14oo rounds down range very little wear showing.
  13. pics or it didnt happen.
  14. I want one two but wont happenin my communist state.
  15. need more info. you want to price a gun you are selling ? how old is it ? what is the demand ? is it old ? new ? a collector ? is it beat to heck or LNIB ?
  16. saym14

    M4 cycling issues

    I broke mine in with about 25 rounds of buck. then tried bird shot. it ammed a few times. cleaned it and shot 25 more buck and its never jammed once in 1200 rounds of mostly weak walmart federal birdshot. did you clean it real nice after the first shoot ?
  17. change the title to Tactical Maneuvers for Being stupid and Looking Dangerous
  18. I noticed you did not cleaninside the tubes where the pistons fit ? should that area be looked at ? the manual says do not oil the pistons.
  19. nice video. but you can remove the trigger group without loosening the stock. I do it that way every time.
  20. have her try some dry firing. she should learn to be able to not flinch under dry fire.
  21. P2000 lem is another good choice to try If she is not going to get range time have her aim for head shots or left ear and she may get chest hits
  22. The HK USP has one of the biggest grips - so for one it probably doesnt fit her. The USP 9mm recoil is not the problem. the problem is her anticipating the recoild and flexing down to counteract it. A light 380 can have as much recoil or muzzle flip as a 9. plus many of them are very hard for women to rack the slide. 1. she needs agun that fits her hand. my wife is 5-0 and shoots a HK P30 with the small grips better than her old Beretta 380. 2. she needs to get over the anticipation, just relax, maybe take some lessons.
  23. the product is ecxcellent and well worth any wait.
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