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  1. Regarding the pro mag, a quick google search shows that it can be bought with a pro mag collapsible stock. How does the pro mag stock compare to OEM?
  2. I've been absent for a while. Not sure what's new. Is the FFT Urbino still the best choice for an aftermarket stock in CA, or is there anything different? Also have they fixed the problem with the stock coming loose after use?
  3. Looks like a movie prop shotgun... or the kind of stuff they'd show a picture of on the news to make it look more menacing. I'd stick with the factory but my arms are short.
  4. I have the carrier comp tube and I love it. If you don't mind waiting for a long time then it's what I consider to be top notch. If you want a high quality product that you can get fast I've heard the FFT tube is also good. I honestly doubt as a regular gun owner, who doesn't do competitions or gun collecting... you probably won't be able to tell the difference between the two. As they are both tubes that house shotgun shells, the functionality really doesn't change, and I should hope you're not going to be banging your gun up against stuff regularly to test the strength of your tube.
  5. And just in case you live in California, you can't have a collapsible stock with a full mag tube and pistol grip. (As far as I know)
  6. In my experience, I like the urbino... but the FFT forend isn't a perfect fit and is harder to get it on, than the stock forend. I use it solely because it matches the color of the stock, as I have purchased mine in tan. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1595[/ATTACH]
  7. Probably for aesthetic preference. I personally like the way the cheek riser looks, but if he's never going to use optics on his M4 and he likes the way it looks... well too each their own
  8. This is pretty relative to the OP, regarding cases. I have a bunch of cheap soft cases I got for like 20$ each and I clean my guns after each use. But if I don't check and wipe em down every couple months or so (if I haven't been able to use for a long time) they start to build a little rust. Is there any case that prevents moisture? Or something I can get to prevent rust from building?
  9. I don't think a mag dump video should be compared to skilled trickshots Also to see which has a faster cycling rate I think either the same person would have to use all the different shotguns, or a machine since each persons ability to shoot differs. But amsdorf, are you using buckshot, birdshot, or slugs?
  10. It feels great, and has a great LOP. But it's far from perfect. I feel like they released it before they fixed some of it's defects. For example the screw that attaches the stock to the gun coming loose. Because I have shorter arms and like the way it looks and feels, if they made an updated version i'd still probably buy it.
  11. The argument on this thread should have ended a long time ago, there is no new information being added to this discussion. I've been lurking these forums for a year + and taking in information from pretty much every post and reading everyone's reviews of different items. There are plenty of people who have both good and bad things to say about Kip. You say that it's "fanboys" defending him, but what else do you expect people to do when they've had nothing but good experiences with him and his products? Just let you badmouth someone they want to keep working on his projects until he feels so dejected that he quits? You had a bad experience, leave it at that. If you want to warn people give them a factual warning of what happened with you, but your posts are emotionally charged and directed at Kip's integrity. People will defend him because they like his products and want him to keep making them. I'm truly sorry you had a bad experience with Kip... really I am. But not everyone has, and there is no reason for you to continually bash his integrity and then call other posters names when they disagree with you. Base your arguments off facts and logic, not emotion and ad hominem.
  12. Renault

    Benelli M4 Chokes

    Well, I don't do sport shooting or hunting... and I don't plan on using my shotgun for HD anytime soon. So I guess what I've been doing is slowly adding upgrades to my M4 as I get the money. First I put on the full length tube, second I got a MOD choke from trulock, and then I got a urbino stock (from what people have said I'm not sure if this really is an upgrade, although the length feels better for my short arms). I plan to slowly just upgrade my M4 so I feel that it's working to the best of it's ability without adding more weight. Eventually i'll change out the top rail, charging handle, and release button. I guess in the end I just want my M4 to be better than stock for my own enjoyment purposes.
  13. Renault

    Benelli M4 Chokes

    I'm unfamiliar with the meaning of that phrase half-dozen one or the other. Does that mean that it doesn't really matter one way or the other?
  14. There was a thread a while back where someone was talking about a brand of chokes that they liked in particular, and I can't remember the brand for the life of me. I think it was said they were hard to get in the U.S. I think maybe they're from overseas (Europe maybe?) or something like that. My main question is, what were they called? (I think I liked the chokes because they came in a kit or something, although I could probably just get any chokes and make a nice house for em.) secondly, what other chokes would you suggest that may be easier to find? I currently am using a trulock modified choke, which still seems way better than the stock choke. And how well does the blackbore HD choke perform? (I'd like a review from someone who's not a seller, not that I don't trust the sellers on this forum... just sometimes it's nice getting other consumers opinions.)
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