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  1. We use them here at Houston Police Department when running our robbery warrants. Each squad has two, one 14" entry model and one 18.5" model
  2. I've got one, what's your zip for price with shipping included...
  3. I've got a standard pistol grip stock I'd like to get rid of, brand new...
  4. I had an M2 that was very uncomfortable to shoot in my shoulder. I'm a LEO and my agency trains us to square up to the target and place the stock in to our chest, roughly between your nipple and center chest just below your collar bone. When placing it there and leaning into the gun the kick is a ton less than shooting it in your shoulder. This is all with Winchester 00. Now of course this isn't practical for skeet and bird hunting but for defense purposes it feels very comfortable. Allows me to engage a target on either side faster and more comfortably. I was issued a m1 S90 SB and it feels really good positioned in my chest v my shoulder.
  5. I’ve read the USMC manual on the M4 but I was curious to hear from anyone who has put a lot of shells through their gun. After cleaning, where do you lube your M4 and how much do you use? Do you see any additional places that need lube (worn areas from metal on metal contact) that are not mentioned in the USMC manual?
  6. Received the receipt by email, confirmed $150 total, shipping included.
  7. thats a good question. I haven't ever seen one "in real life" but I'll post some pics once its in!
  8. I actually thought about it but that was the whole reason I was pissed in the first place, people being over charged... I was leaning towards the Promag stock, have you seen theirs?
  9. Ok here's what I did and here's what you need to do. i called Benelli USA at (301) 283-6981 and after listening to the menu I pressed 0 for an operator. Once she answered I said I was a law enforcement officer trying to buy a part at the law enforcement price. I was redirected to a female named Michelle whom I left a voicemail for. After doing this I sent Benelli an email from their contact us section on the website. I asked how to buy a part as a leo. This was their response: "We need you to fax in your request on dept. letterhead to 301-283-6988 with your contact info and what you are looking to get..." I typed two sentences on my dept letter head saying I was a current leo, licensed in the state of Texas and employed by ******* Police Department. I was inquiring how to make a parts purchase as a leo. I provided the part number for the stock and the description on the Benelli label ( i searched gunbroker and a guy selling one has a photo of the sticker on the Benelli box ). I left my assignment, rank, address and phone numbers on the bottom of the letter and faxed it to the number they provided in the email I listed above. About 2 hours later Michelle returned my original call and I said I wanted to buy a part as a leo. I added that I sent a fax already and she checked and within 3 seconds she said she needed my credit card information and the price was $150. She took my credit card info and said it would be shipped out tomorrow, they have "plenty" in stock and it will be coming via UPS ground. That's it. She then offered to email me a receipt and asked if I wanted it sent to my home address or work. No need to send dept creds, supervisor or Chief signatures or even that it'll be used on duty, nada. very simple process and Benelli was very accommodating to me. I hope this helps some more of you leo guys out. It really pisses me off that dealers are selling these things for so much.
  10. I'm also interested in buying one as LEO. Does anyone have a link to information of how I can go about this process?
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