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  1. When did you order? Been waiting over a month for mine
  2. Anyone know if the ti tubes areshipping? Can't stand the wait
  3. Raden

    M4 CStock Question

    Was just hoping someone else had done this and knew what size to order.
  4. I just got my stock today.... thanks HK2000 Question is this: Does anyone know if any different recoil pads will work on it? Maybe a Remington Limbsaver? Don't wanna order something and it not fit... my spare parts bin is full enough.
  5. I'd buy a supernova if I found one with the stock already on it. sweet.....
  6. Glad to hear they took care of you.
  7. Raden

    Range day ruined

    The funny thing about the weather in TN... it's 10 degrees one day and 60 the next. Just got back from my first day at the range since xmas to break in my new 11707 and my new Combat Elite 1911. I'm in love with the m4
  8. This thread make's me feel even better about my order for a full tube today.
  9. Raden

    Range day ruined

    Nah... I usually hit the range a few times a week. Just don't feel like dealing with being wet today. I think if the zombies attack, I'll be more than happy to get cold and wet. I can get warm by burning the bodies of all the dead heads
  10. Now that's one that belongs in a museum somewhere.
  11. Raden

    Range day ruined

    I had planned on hitting the range today to test out the new M4 I picked up yesterday and wouldn't you know it it's raining and just to cold to go shooting in the rain.
  12. Raden

    Benelli M4 - Sling?

    What type of side saddle is that?
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