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My Nova keeps getting jammed


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i recently purchased a nova, and took it to the range a week ago, using the slug barrel i fired 15 rounds through it using brenneke rotweil blitz slugs which are 2 3/4". on the 11th or 12th shot the gun jammed to the point where i really had to rack the gun with basically all my strength to get the shell out and i am a pretty big guy. is there a certain type of shell that should be used in this gun, i have been told to use sabots but the gun shot rifled slugs just fine. also on the rotweil slugs i noticed the casing to the shell was very short unlike most of the other slugs i have seen. can some one please give me some info on this it would be very helpful thank you

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Originally posted by wallhanger54:

Are you using the Benelli rifiled slug barrel or the Ithaca made cantalever barrel? Also, if you use lead slugs in it you can screw it up.

I am using a cantilever fully rifled barrel that came as a combo with the gun, i am assuming it is a benelli barrel because it came as a set, yes i am shooting lead slugs.
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