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How are you all liking the supernova?


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Hey everyone! Im new here and will soon be a first time gun owner. I have been around guns my whole life and shot a few different shotguns. It is time for me to own one of my own. I will use it for mostly trap shooting. What is your opinions on the supernova? Will it cycle 2 3/4 shells perfectly even though it can take up to 3.5? Should i get the 28 inch barrel? I want a gun that will last a very long time, that is why i wouldnt mind spending a bit extra for the supernova as long as it will last. Thanks!

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Shot my new SuperNova Tactical this AM for the first time and and it readily all 2 3/4 rounds I fed it! Slugs, 00 buck, and 4 shot. Light recoil and extremely accurate at 50 feet. Gun is definitely made to last. You'll want a longer barrel for trap.

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Went out in the desert yesterday. Again SuperNova functioned flawlessly with low recoil Federal slugs and buckshot. Hitting 12 inch gong at 80 yards with slugs using only stock iron sights. Used Federal 2 3/4 Walmart 4 shot to massacre soda cans and small melons thrown in the air. Great fun!!! And yes, we cleaned up our shells and cans, leaving the melon bits for the birds, donkeys and coyotes.

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