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Would like to convert my M2 Tactical for clays-sources, part numbers?

Dr. T

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I have an M2 Tactical with pistol grip stock. I'd like to get a 28 inch barrel with vent rib and a standard (or preferably Comfortch) synthetic stock to be able to convert the M2 to a field model for clays and birds.

Does anyone have sources and part numbers?

I see LITS has SBE II barrels and stocks; do they work with the M2 receiver?


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No, SBE II barrels won't work on an M2. The receivers are totally different. I believe the stocks will, however it will be difficult to find a comfortech stock.

By the time you buy a barrel and stock I think you would be farther ahead to simply buy a field M2.

I've kind of been down that road already.

Thats why I now own a M4,SBE II, Sport II and a 20ga SuperSport.

One can never have too many Nellies!

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I'm starting to come around.

The issue is not to save money, it's to have fun.

I'm getting a Monty Short Stock 20 gauge, theoretically for my wife.

I will probably just get another Benelli when the time comes.


Here's a question for you:

Why a 20 gauge SuperSport? It's a beautiful shotgun, obviously you know what you're doing, and you have a Sport II which means a 12 gauge without Comfortech and a 20 gauge with.

Any logic to that, or did it just "happen"?

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The Sport II just happened.

The 20ga SuperSport was a had to have.

I haven't had time to run it through its paces yet. Isn't that sad?

With deer shotgun week starting sat. the shop has been jambed full for the last month leaving me little time to play. Ouch! As always everyone waits till the last minute. But it gives me more cash for more toys.

When things calm down for me I'll post up on how the SS fares at clays.

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