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  1. Just a note that my local dealer has slug barrels in stock for SBE II's and Nova's I believe however as noted before they do come at a price but they have them. Give them a call if your looking. http://www.jaquas.com/gunlist/NewArrivals.asp
  2. The M2 and SBE II are both Crio barrels. Not an issue there. I prefer the SBE II simply for its ease of take down and cleaning and although I don't shoot a lot of the 3.5 inchers its always a plus to be able too if needed.
  3. They are an awesome dealer IMO and its one of the nicest gun stores I've ever been in and I'm not just saying that because I do some smithing work for them. Make sure you allow enough time if you make the drive and you love any kind of shotgun and not just the Nelli's as I know you'll be there a while. I can find numerous guns to buy everytime I'm in there. Enjoy, and glad to help.
  4. As in a previous post of mine about my local dealer having connections with Benelli it seems as though they just got some of the first 20ga. UL's in stock. Heres the link. http://www.jaquas.com/gunlist/NewArrivals.asp
  5. ceg1 Where are you in Ohio? My dealer has one in stock. Ever been to Findlay Oh. ? If you love shotguns it well worth the drive. They can be scarce but this dealer is a pretty big Benelli dealer. They have the connections. Heres a link. Search Benelli from the pull down menu box. Welcome to the forum. http://www.jaquas.com/gunlist/NewArrivals.asp
  6. Its been discussed here before many times but I don't believe Benelli will sell anyone a comfortech stock unless you can send them one that you destroyed along with the S# of your gun. The reason is many would simply try to upgrade older guns and that would hurt their sales of new guns. Thats the way my dealer explained it to me as I went down that same road a few years back. My dealer tried to order one for me and that was Benelli's answer. No dice. They can be found at times on Ebay, Gunbroker. etc. If you find a source please post up. There are many that would like to buy them also.
  7. Congrats and welcome to the club. Good choice. We know your gonna love it.
  8. The search tool is a wonderful thing. Plenty of reading on the subject here. Search "Stock Removal"
  9. I believe the M4's all have choke tubes. It is the M1014 that is a fixed choke barrel only. Enjoy your new M4. We know your gonna love it! Welcome to the club!
  10. Benelli will only sell their new guns through their dealer network. No wholesalers or distributors are involved. Only bonafide Benelli dealers.
  11. Since the receivers are different I would say no. But I've never tried.
  12. If I may ask At what distance are you shooting and what type of clays? Hand thrown? Machine thrown? Shot size? Trap,Skeet, Sporting Clays or just having some fun in a field? Tucker is correct with his ballistics, however with shorter barrels you will tend to over swing and at longer distances the pattern will open up faster with a 18.5 " barrel depending on yardages. Most all trap guns are 28 to 34 inch barrels. Many skeet shooters use 26" but even at that 28 and 30 " are becoming more common on skeet and SC courses. It would be a challenge to say the least to hit a target from the
  13. "I am skeptical about the recoil, I would like to see them fire 3 1/2 Mag Slugs and see how it fires then. I would also like to see if it can cycle bean bags etc. It also looks like it weighs 50 lbs. We don't know in what kind of weather conditions it will operate, we don't know how many rounds it can spit out before it needs to cool off." As a combat shotgun somehow I don't think the military is too worried about shooting bean bags. As a full auto why would you need 3.5 inch slugs? Especially with the ammo they show in the video. 50 lbs? To me the gun itself doesn't appear t
  14. Sadly this may end the M4's military days. What do you guys think?
  15. Check this bad boy out! Why worry about collapsing stocks and mag extentions? Wowzer! Anybody have one yet? Enjoy.
  16. As in my first post I said gun fit is important. Heres my .02. If your girlfriend is 110 lbs the average gun will probably not fit her well. Most guns are designed to fit shooters of average stature which she is likely less than. If a gun does not fit a person reasonably well it can be painful to shoot. I have shot 28 ga's. that kicked because it did not fit me and I am of average build. Gas guns are somewhat less recoiling but they still have recoil. Your M4 is a gas gun and is more set up for combat than shooting comfort. My suggestion is a 20ga. (gas or inertia) but have it
  17. Sorry. Benelli does not make a 16ga. so it would be a 20ga. Their all easy to shoot but if by easy you mean softest shooting probably the Super Sport. Any of the 20ga's. are not bad IMO. As long as it fits you. 20's that don't fit can hurt as bad as any.
  18. Do you really think filling out a ficticious stolen property report would fly? That could easily be disproved landing the person filing the report in some deep doodoo. Sorry to hear you get postcards from your state criminal history board. That just doesn't happen in Ohio. Come to the Buckeye State.
  19. Fine looking M4 by the way. Welcome to the club! Heres mine.
  20. "Can you think of a good reason why my #s should be secret?" In my opinion No. It really is just a number used for manufacturing and traceability identification purposes. Its not like anyone could use them for anything. That # only identifies that particular weapon. Most everything of value or usefulness has a serial #. Cars,Computers, Printers, Refridgerators, Washer and Dryers etc, etc all have S#'s. We don't worry about hiding them. It seems many people feel safer covering them in pictures and thats OK. Its personal preference.
  21. No they shouldn't have your S#'s. Every backround check I have ever called in does not require S#'s or make and model. Handgun or long gun is the only question asked about the firearm you are buying. The dealer records the firearm make, model and S# on the 4473 form and in his bound book and then has to keep that form for 25yrs or until he is out of business. Thats how its done in Ohio anyway. The gov't is not allowed to keep those records on file unless it is a class 3 weapon. Regardless that info is not disclosed in a backround check. If the weapon is stolen and recovered or used in a c
  22. Heres a site that may be of interest for those that haven't seen it yet. http://www.wqad.com/Global/link.asp?L=259460
  23. According to Numrich they have them in stock and the part #'s are the same for the M1/M3. I can't say for sure but I believe they interchange OK. I could be wrong but you can always return it if it doesn't. http://www.e-gunparts.com/products.asp?chrMasterModel=4150zM3%20SUPER%2090%20MILITARY%20AND%20POLICE&MC=
  24. MENeelz Since you quoted me I just wanted to say I agree with you. With my sarcasm thats what I meant when I said it depends on how one looks at things. I can't imagine what this country will be like for our children and grandchildren if this downward spiral continues much longer. You are correct in my view also that the Congress needs to be totally cleaned out but the President is also part of that Congress.
  25. Bush a clown? Yes, he's done things wrong. Better when Willie was in office? Maybe. That depends on how one looks at everything. "The only thing Clinton did wrong was he got caught between two Bushes. " On top of all the above lets not forget NAFTA. You go Girl Hillary next? Not for me!
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