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  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everybody !!
  2. They are different guns NOVA (pump action)-SBEII, M2 (semi auto).Each one serves its purpose, so you will have to choose which gun is suitable for each job. For protection and some kind of hunting, for me, it's the NOVA . The reasons are : magazine capacity, variety of loads (light or super magnum) and ammunition (lethal and non lethal). But for the usual hunting which includes a fair amount of walking and quick reactions there are two options. The SBEII that can handle loads from 2 3/4" to 3 1/2" but not light loads as light as target loads without effects in its dependability and the M2 that
  3. Not at all. That's why I said strange and not suspicious. Let me put it this way.. I make a question and I read the answers. Judging from the answers I see that they are not the kind of answers I have expected. But I kept on asking. What am I ? Since we are all law-abiding citizens, for me, there are two things left. Either I don't understand or I am too curious.
  4. It's a bit strange that you insist so much.
  5. IMO. It depends of the kind of hunting that someone does. It's difficult to hunt birds or some other fast game and use a shotgun with a pistol grip. The pistol grip makes you slow especially when, from the rest position you come in a second to the aim, shoot position. The pistol grip is better for hunting static game and for a more precise shooting.
  6. Factory IC with 000 3" ( 10 pellets ) buckshot. You will have dense patterns at 25 yards and beyond and better penetration.
  7. Thank you, each one of you, very much for the help and the advice you give me. The right combination as I see, is a very good gun and practice, or practice with a very good gun. Thank you !!
  8. Hello, and although I am new here too, welcome, I am right handed but I shoot from my left hand for many, many years now.. I never had a problem with any gun. I include the M4 because I have it. I never used a left handed gun for any purpose. It is possible for you to need some time to get used to it but in my opinion you will not have a problem. And don't be afraid of the extracting shells. They will not hit you.
  9. Timb99 Correct me if I understood wrong. You say that unless you do some custom work on a gun, the results are pretty much the same among them. Speaking for barrels. I agree that with a custom work done you will have better results for a specific job. But, customized results for sth specific and not an all around job. And I don't know how much better and how much you'll have to pay. Furthermore in Greece there are only 2-3 gunsmiths that do such a work and to tell you the truth I don't trust them with the results. I have shotguns cheap, expensive and really expensive (what is expensive
  10. Thank you both but I will agree with Mudhen. Everyone must not look for the acceptable but for the best possible.In my opinion accepteble is just another step bellow the best. Always there is a place for sth better.
  11. I'm using Briley, extended LM choke tube. It was the best choice, for me, when using 00 buckshot, slugs or #4 loads and I'm very pleased.
  12. It's the truth..They are not allowed for hunting. Only in shooting clubs.But it does not bother me very much. What bothers me is that Greek importers don't bother at all to improve the variety of the merchandise they import.
  13. Thank you.. In Greece the M2 is imported without the CRIO barrel. Who knows why ..
  14. Thank you Hogwild ! I was not offended. A few things that I have to mention. Here in Greece the population of hunters and shooters is half the population of hunters and shooters in only one state of the U.S. Rifles and handguns are not allowed. It's easy to see why I ask these questions in an American forum. You have a lot of experience. You,also, easily realize that your knowledge and my knowledge are two things you can't compare. It's not bad to seek knowledge, in my opinion and especially knowledge that comes from the experience of many different, good, people who have access
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