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  1. Thanks guys. I don't need the rifle or the shotgun. I have a Model 70 .270. That's good enough for me and deer. It seems that the DU model isn't going to command much more than a regular Nova. Probably just sell the Nova. Thanks.
  2. I won a Ducks Unlimited Super Nova last night in Max-4 HD. I know it's a nice gun, but I have a SBEII and don't think I can get used to a pump. A guy there won a Mossberg 4x4 win 300 with a scope and wanted to trade straight up. If I did, I would sell that one for sure. Does anyone know what a DU Super Nova in Max-4 HD might go for? I think the Mossberg might be worth more. I am capable of looking up prices on the internet, I just wonder if the whole DU thing might bring some more value. Thanks, Ken
  3. Yes indeed. You have to consider that this is where unsatisfied Benelli owners go to complain, or simply ask for advice. I can tell you that I purchases an SBEII last spring and it has behaved FLAWLESSLY throughout the hunting season. I probably put 10 boxes of shells through the gun without a SINGLE issue.
  4. c10250

    SBE II

    I have to disagree with you there. Gun safety is a must. I'm not arguing that. I've been hunting for 30 years now, and have owned many guns. However, you don't need to know them butt to muzzle in order to safely operate one. That's like saying you have to know how to change an alternator in your car before you should be allowed to drive one. Crazy.
  5. c10250

    SBE II

    Wow. You learn something every day. How do I get it out?
  6. c10250

    SBE II

    What I meant to say was that the gun holds three. One in the chamber, two in the magazine. Sorry. Anyway, that's the way it came . . . Don't know if you can change it or not.
  7. c10250

    SBE II

    I am by no means an expert, however, I believe the SBE II needs no plug since it holds three shells at most. My new SBE II has no plug.
  8. http://patternmaster.com/12ga-benelli-m1-sbe-nova-beretta-mobilchoke-franchi-stoeger-extended-black-ported/ Patternmaster extended chokes are designed to be used with the 3 1/2" shells for maximum pattern and density. The difference between the Patternmaster Extended chokes and Patternmaster Standard/Long Range is the length the tube sticks out the barrel. Patternmaster concept is that the "studs" inside the choke grabs the base of the wad as it passes through while the front of the wad is flush with the front of the tube. Since the wad is longer in the 3 1/2" shells we have made the tube
  9. I shot it once. I mean literally one shell has been through it. It's the extended length one for 3 1/2 inch shells. Black. I'll eat $25 if you want it. I paid $100. Yours for $75.
  10. So I purchased a PORTED extended range patternmaster for my SBEII. The guys I were hunting with said my gun is now a lot louder. Ugh. Is this a myth? I could understand that NON-PORTED chokes may be quieter, but I can't see a PORTED choke making your gun louder. Anyone want a slightly-used patternmaster . . . cheap.
  11. I purchased one brand new last spring. This is my first season whith the gun and I absolutely love it. I have put around 7 boxes of shells through it so far this season (all 3 1/2 BB), with absolutely no problems whatsoever (knock on wood). I mean NOT ONE!
  12. Not true. The energy to kick the spent shell and reload a new shell will lower muzzle velocity. Not by much.
  13. Help me out here. People say that barrel length does not have any effect on your pattern. In other words, a 26” barrel will pattern the same as a 28” barrel (with the same choke). How can this be? Heck, when you dial in say, a skeet choke, all you’re doing is opening up your barrel earlier. So how can a choke open up your pattern, and cutting two inches off your barrel have no effect?
  14. c10250

    benelli recoil

    Well, it all depends on how you define "recoil". If you define recoil as the "velocity" that the gun kicks back at, then there will be more kick with a lighter gun. PERIOD. This is nothing more than highschool physics, conservation of momentum. MV=mv. In other words, the mass*velocity of the shot = the mass*velocity of the gun. Lower gun mass gives greater velocity of the gun. Now, if you define "recoil" as something different, then I don't know . . .
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