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Benelli Super Vinci Failure to Feed / Eject


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I recently purchased a Benelli Super Vinci. I "broke" the shotgun in with Remington Magnum 3.5 in 2 oz, Blackcloud 3.5 in 1.5 oz, Federal Magnum 3 in 2 oz, and Hevi-Metal 3 in 1.25 oz shot (unable to post the picture).


I then went visit my father in law to shoot some skeet but I had several problems cycling various loads. I then decided to have my father in law take a video before we spent all the ammunition.



In the video you will see it fail's to feed after every shot and fail's to eject on the last shot. I had both of these issues with the ammunition in the video (Remington 2.75, 1 oz, 7.5 shot, and Fiocchi 2.75 inch, 1 oz, 7.5 shot). I actually had the same issue with a third type of ammunition, Winchester, but I did not make note of the details of the ammunition.


So, how much breaking in does this shotgun require? Will it never shoot these light loads?


This is my first shotgun. I hope I gave enough information for someone to provide me with some feedback. I purchased it from Dicks sporting good's and plan on going back there this week.



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Hi Pal, its your ammo. The benelli warranty (which is 10 years BTW) covers a minimum load of 3 drams, and 1 1/8oz. needs to be both not one or the other. this is a standard target load. many big box stores get deals on 1 oz loads and then advertise and promote the heck out of them being cheap, well thats what they are is cheap. most modern semi auto 3.5" guns require this load (3 dram, 1 1/8oz). Those 1 once loads are for over unders, pumps, old 2 3/4" only s/a guns, or some (not all) modern 3" s/a gas guns guns.

My old Benelli will shoot 1 oz loads, but its had over 50K rounds through it and is very loose, and well maintained.


hope this helps, if it wont shoot the loads i suggested, send it back to benelli, they will make it right.

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