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  1. Hi Y'all. Curious of the same thing myself I contacted Benelli directly and asked the question.. To my surprise the fella on the phone began rattling off groups I had never heard of, along with some I do know. I asked him to email a list to me, and I pasted it below. I think we can clearly chalk this up to fact, not fiction. UK Army and UK Special Forces (SAS, RAF, Royal Marines) UN Missions (Burundi, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Chad, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti, Timor,..) Italian Army, NOCS, Carabinieri and SF France GIGN Spain Policia de Catalunia, Basque Police Germany GSG9 and SEK Irish Army and SF( Army Ranger Wing) An Garda Sciochana Police (ERU) Brazilian Army and SF Argentina (Gendarmeria Nacional, Prefectura Naval) Egypt MOD (Unit 777), MOI (Hostage Rescue Force) U.A.E. Police force 7, MOD (UAE Armed Forces) Singapore Police Forces Bahrain (NSA) Kuwait, Kuwait National Guard Jordan (Military Office, Gendarmerie, GID) Oman (Royal Guard Oman) Quatar MOD (Amiri Guard)
  2. Camo guns are usually a little tighter than non camo. the metal parts are all made to the same tolerances regardless of finish, and the camo does add thickness. Ive seen this in all brands. they almost always loosen up after they go together and apart a few times. have you ever personally spoken to benelli? dealers are famous for exagerating. I would call them directly and remove the dealer from the equation. I have no doubt thier CS dept will be fair and kind, they have always gone above and beyond for me. Ive been a Benelli fan for over 20 years now. Call them and let us know what they do for you.
  3. Ive never had anything but excellent service from benelli. if something is still not right give them a call. they have a 10 year warranty (best in shotguns) and im sure they will make it right.
  4. Hi Pal, its your ammo. The benelli warranty (which is 10 years BTW) covers a minimum load of 3 drams, and 1 1/8oz. needs to be both not one or the other. this is a standard target load. many big box stores get deals on 1 oz loads and then advertise and promote the heck out of them being cheap, well thats what they are is cheap. most modern semi auto 3.5" guns require this load (3 dram, 1 1/8oz). Those 1 once loads are for over unders, pumps, old 2 3/4" only s/a guns, or some (not all) modern 3" s/a gas guns guns. My old Benelli will shoot 1 oz loads, but its had over 50K rounds through it and is very loose, and well maintained. hope this helps, if it wont shoot the loads i suggested, send it back to benelli, they will make it right.
  5. If you are using non factory hand guards (forends) they are likely too long. I have seen this before from a couple different aftermarket company's products. what happens if they are too long, is like the other fella said, the barrel extension does not fully seat in the reciever. then when you shoot it under recoil the barrel moves slightly (fractions of an inch) and this will cause the cap to loosen. I would put the factory parts back on and shoot the gun. if there is not problem, its clearly the aftermarket parts. If it still does it with the factory parts, call benelli's customer service they are great.
  6. Thats odd for a Benelli to have issues right out of the box. I almost wonder if someone (maybe at the dealer) fiddled with it somehow. Call Benelli's customer service. I hear nothing but great things from people who have dealt with them, should be a piece of cake--they stand behind thier products.
  7. the answer above is right, the carrier doesnt have to be tight and square, its more a matter of friction. in fact in my experience, looser ones are more reliable. Either way, Benelli CS is the best, i have no doubt they will make it right.
  8. Benelli's customer service is as good as it gets, give them a call and they will straighten you out quickly and painlessly. 301-283-6981
  9. I am pretty sure the Gel pads that Benelli makes (like on the SBE2) fit and work well on those stocks.
  10. could you be more specific about the problem? were the hypersonic's 3 or 3.5"? Almost all double feeding/ejection issues on an SBE are recoil spring related. that is the spring in the stock. take the stock off, and flush the tube out (by depressing the plunger at the back of the reciever and spraying into the hole) with gun scrubber, then when it dries saturate the inside of the tube with a good oil like break free. any extra will just run out the bottom of the tube. if that doesnt fix it send it back to benelli, they will make it right. its possible you may have bent up the ejector with those hypersonics. those shells are nasty, Benelli's typically handle them (the only gun that really can) but things happen.
  11. I think there is some confusion about the prices being discussed here....Benelli does not regulate anything about what dealers sell guns for. they do have a MAP policy that suggests the prices in which the guns are advertised for--just as many other companies in firearms do. as far as what you are seeing online, that is MSRP pricing, which is typically not what you would end up paying. just like on a car, its a fictional number, that unless supply is incredibly behind, is typically the ceiling for prices. in 2011 the MSRP on an M4 was-$1799, i know this because i am reading it from my benelli issued dealer workbook. in 2012 the MSRP is $1899. Yes it has gone up by $100, and being a dealer I believe i can safely assume i know why- because they are in tight supply. Now i wont discuss margins, or dealer prices, but I have no issue at all with the increase to MSRP-which again is a fictional number. I know if you shop around you can get them for much less than MSRP, and at the same actual purchase prices as in 2011.
  12. recoil is extremly subjective! what one says kicks like a 3 legged ninja, another may think is tame. fact-all 3.5" magnums kick, i dont care what kind of gun you have. they only way they wont is to add about 14 pounds to the gun. Benellis sometimes get a bad wrap for recoil because they are so light, but in my opinion, even though they are so light, the recoil is at worst similar to any other gun on the market, if not better. my conclusion, thier system works. i have read about this finger pinch thing a few times, its never happened to me, nor have i seen it. I have to think it has something to do with how your gripping the gun. or maybe the grip angle doesnt suit your hands in some way. i would bet its a personal issue not a gun issue.
  13. it should. Benelli suggests a minimum of 3 dram AND 1 1/8oz load. they also say to shoot a few boxes of heavier stuff through it to break it in. I try to avoid the super cheap ammo at walmart etc... even if they say 3 dram 1 1/8oz, they sometimes do not cut the mustard. stick with name brands-winchester, federal, remington.... if it dont work send it to Benelli, they always make it right.
  14. Break Free CLP. works everywhere, everytime.
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