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SuperNova/Nova 922r parts & M4 interchangability?

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I posted this as a reply in another thread, but figured I'd post here for (possibly) more exposure.


I've put a Nordic +2 on my SuperNova and I've already put a Mesa PG stock and Nordic follower on it. There are plenty of US made 922r replacement parts for the M4/M2/etc, but I've never really seen anything for the SuperNova like hammer, trigger, etc. Assuming I need to swap out one more part on mine to make it compliant, does anyone have a source for something else I can use?


Additionally, does anyone know if the trigger/hammer out of the M4 is interchangable with the pump guns? Looking at them, they look almost identical (at least the hammer).

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arr...I'd have to take it back apart, meaning take the stock off so I could get the trigger assembly out :( I'll wait it out and see if anyone comes up with anything, if not, I will.

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