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Benelli Montefeltro Barrel 12 ga. 3" Chamber


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I am working on a project, and I need a Benelli Montefeltro barrel extension, the part of the barrel that fits into the receiver and contains the locking lugs. A damaged barrel, bulged, bent, split, dented rusted, pitted,is fine as long as the barrel extension is undamaged. If someone has or knows of a barrel in this condition, please contact me. If someone has a damaged barrel and needs a good barrel, I have one for sale, 28 ",3" chamber, matte finish, vent rib, that takes Beretta/Benelli chokes. Maybe we can work something out.

If anyone has a Beretta 1201F barrel in similar condition, it will also work for my project. The 1201FP police barrel that fits with a longer 7shot magazine tube will also work for my project, but will not exchange with a Montefeltro due to the shorter magazine length. The Beretta 1201 F and FP have the same dimension barrel extension, the FP has a different location of the barrel lug. It looks like the extension on a M1 Super 90 will also work, though I have not viewed it closely, I know the barrel lug is different on a Super 90 Barrel.Thanks for any help. [email protected] Midnightrider0996

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Super 90 looks similar.
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