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SBE II vs. M2 more reliable 2 3/4" ?


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I currently own a 2 year old left handed SBE.


I am looking for a new gun and was going to go with the SBE II, however I shoot 2 3/4 shells more than I shoot 3 1/2 shells.


Would the M2 field be a better choice as far as how reliable it is in firing the 2 3/4 loads?


Is the M2 basically the same desigan as the SBE II except for it does not shoot 3 1/2 shells?


If so, I think i would choose the M2.


p.s. the montelfeltro is a terrible gun if you are going to do any 'real' hunting. A little bit of rain and your magazine spring will get all rusted up and there is not an easy way to get in there and clean it like there is with the SBE.

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