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SBE failing to fully eject


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Hey all. I have an original SBE 12ga that I bought new probably 12 years ago. It is my duck/goose gun and sees use during turkey season as well. I'm having a problem that I'm hoping you guys can help diagnose.


Shooting 3" magnum duck loads it is failing to eject the shell. The shell hangs out of the ejection port in the receiver at 90 degrees to the barrel quite frequently. Today it happened every time I shot. The next shell sits on the carrier and the bolt hangs open until the FTE is cleared. Manufacturer of the load doesn't seem to matter. It happens with all 3" duck loads. Haven't tried it with 3-1/2's since this problem sprang up last season.


I've cleaned the gun, stripped it of all grease and verified that the bolt cycles smoothly by hand. I don't over-oil my guns. Like all my guns, this one is pretty well cared for. I have not torn into the recoil spring in the stock to check its condition.


Wondering if this is symptomatic of a weakened/old recoil spring?


It is worth mentioning that I've noticed it happens mostly on upward shots such as birds crossing above my head. I am a big ol' monster...6'8" tall and 320 pounds...I'm wondering if the gun is not getting enough rearward motion to fully cycle on those upward shots. Maybe being big and solid is preventing it from coming back as much as it wants/needs to? Didn't use to be a problem though.


Sure would appreciate any insight/suggestions you guys can offer.




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Hey Aaron, I don't have an SBE, but I've read several posts similar to yours. I think usually the first step is to try cleaning and lubing the recoil spring and tube. I have also read that the extractor may need some modification after a certain amount of use on the SBE. If cleaning doesn't fix your issue, I'd recommend calling CS and see what they recommend. Or someone else with some first hand experience will chime in with better advice!

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