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  1. You're welcome. On another note, assuming this gun doesn't have a collapsible stock, you are likely only one part away from being compliant since the cc tube comes with a US made follower. You can pick up a FFT disconnector for $35. Installation is simple, then you could sell the compliant shotgun for $1500, possibly more. It would be an easier sell that way I think.
  2. I get playing it safe with regard to firearms and federal law, however I really don't think selling the gun in its current configuration would be an issue. Let me cite the somewhat recent situation Benelli had with the first run of M4 H2Os. A few thousand people bought those before the ATF said 'nope, not compliant' and Benelli had to change their production to include Yankee parts. The lucky ones who got the non-compliant guns didn't have to switch out parts or trade in for a slightly different model. This is because 922r is about assembly, not possession. A notarized affidavit starting the e
  3. You have to replace four parts with the collapsible stock because the stock and the pistol grip are two physically separate parts. They are only one part with the standard pistol grip stock. The straight stock will only require 3 compliant parts.
  4. Anything 3" or shorter will fire, anything shorter than 2.75" probably will not cycle the action
  5. If I recall correctly, the USMC manual shows the dots on the ring near the base of the ring. On mine, the dots are higher at the vertical center. So my three dots make a straight line
  6. There must be a defect with the detent of the stock if it will engage the notches so that the stock won't slide along the tube and can only rotate one way. Unfortunately, you can't photograph it. Take the stock off and feel the top of the inside of the stock's tube. You should feel the detent as a cylindrical bar that goes across the width of the tube. It should move up when the button is pushed and not move at all if the button isn't pushed. Does the bar feel smooth all the way across? Can you push it up easily without the button pushed? My guess the bar is broken, not to spec, or has a fault
  7. Thank you, but I was curious as to whether or not the OP could do it specifically with his promag unit. If he is leaving the stock at the install notch, it will freely turn left or right 45 degrees with or without the button depressed. At least that is what my factory c-stock does. If he isn't sliding it to one of the three actual positions, the catch won't properly engage.
  8. Are you able to get the stock into the fully extended and fully collapsed positions?
  9. Only if you want to swap out the standard 5 round mag tube with a full length 7 rounder
  10. Right, since the butt stock and pistol grip count as two parts if you are using the c-stock, you would be able to use the OEM handguards if you like.
  11. So I guess the 'toture test' from the OP has become 'how many of Amsdorf's videos can you watch to the end'
  12. The mods over there already put him in timeout once!
  13. He's sharing his videos with fnforum.net these days
  14. Hey Aaron, I don't have an SBE, but I've read several posts similar to yours. I think usually the first step is to try cleaning and lubing the recoil spring and tube. I have also read that the extractor may need some modification after a certain amount of use on the SBE. If cleaning doesn't fix your issue, I'd recommend calling CS and see what they recommend. Or someone else with some first hand experience will chime in with better advice!
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