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  1. I will try lubing it up before I head to the range to shoot another 100.
  2. I have shot about 100 light loads with issues just about every other one and then saw that I need to shoot heavy. I shot about 100 Heavy loads without issues, well maybe a 4 FTE out of 100, but other than that, one after another. So I went back to light loads and FTE every other one. How much longer and should I send it in to Benelli? Thanks Not that I think it matters but I have the collapssable stock by Promag
  3. as the previous poster stated, this goes into the non forgivable sin realm.
  4. Thanks Sukkoi so for post #5, is it correct in what I wrote and about to do?
  5. Thanks. So if I put a FL mag tube and tele stock, I would need to have 4 US made parts. So in all, I could have USA made 1. follower, 2. tele stock, 3. FL mag tube, and 4.hand guard and be compliant. RIGHT? WAIT, does the US promag stock count for 2 US made parts since I get dinged for it twice?
  6. ATF exists to make our life miserable! Anyways, I have a brand new M4. 11707 I believe...from Gander. I want to add the Promag collapsable stock and NOT the handgrip. So I am ADDING 1 USA part. What other parts must I change to be compliant if ANY. The stock is made in USA? I am confused because I am adding a USA part and I am seeing that I need 3 parts?
  7. Hi Sharkey, why would one need a bipod on a shotgun? Also, is your M4 a newer model or older?
  8. Thank you so much for your reply. Question: If I choose not to install handguard and ONLY US made stock, Carreiergroup tube and follower, will I be compliant? Could you explain to me what parts can be changed and why is it 3 or 4?
  9. I took delivery yesterday and installed the stock. Pretty nice and seems solid, well know after a few hundred shot. Now the fore grip was VERY difficult to get on. I used a dremmel in an attempt to correct the oversize molding. I could not get the grip to fit to where I would trust it. Basically it seemed to interfere with the gas system and I was not going to compromise the gun. The top fit overmthe barrel was horrible and you can see the gass system. After playing with it for an hour, the screws to the rails became loose, which is really not comforting, especially with the gas system workin
  10. I am not concerned in anything other than black. . I just do not know what the frenzy for an H2O is about unless collecting.
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