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Older SBE Drop at Comb


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I have early walnut stock SBE with what seems to be very little drop at comb. I have the "A" shim in it, can I add more than one shim? I need it setup like traditional USA made gun stock. I have the shim kit, with B and C and the metal thingys.


This gun is absolutely worthless to me the way it is. I haven't used it in 4 years. My shoulder is tired of brunting the load of those 3.5 inch goose loads from my Mossberg 835. Can you imagine having a gun such as the SBE and not using it!!! Having to resort to the Mossberg.


Can a gunsmith cut or somehow change the angle so the drop increases? Will a new replacement stock from Benelli or Bell and Carlson help me?


What happened to the owners manual page? It was on here a few years when I investigated the drop at comb. It has been "under construction" for sometime.

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Isn't the pitch the same thing as the drop. When talking pitch you typically are referring to angles? The drops are measurements corresponding to those angles. The drop at Comb is the distance from sight line down to stock where your cheek rests. The heel drop is the distance of drop from sight line to the top of stock at the butt plate.


If you change the angle (pitch - shims)) you change the two distances.


Most americans perfer comb drop of 1.5 inches or so. The original SBE's has much less than that because Europeans don't like drop. They like a flat stock. This causes Americans to have to scrunch their head lower onto the stock to look down the barrel. If they are not looking down the barrel they shoot high.


I know the angle could be cut, but does that change the forces from the recoil and the location of the recoil, does the top part of butt plate get significantly more forces than the bottom and will this damage the stock over time?


Somebody experienced in "stock-smithing" and benellis will have to answer the question of how many shims, can you cut the stock and not damage it, etc.

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BugleMIn, The pitch is the angle at which the stock end (pad) touchs your shoulder . If there is not enough pitch your gun will shot high like your shooting uphill. When you mount and shoot the gun there should be equalpressure against your shoulderat all points of contact of the pad.On the other haand "drop" at the heel is the amount lower than the front of the comb. ---GB

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Well with the A shim in the gun the stock is at its straightest therefore delivering the most recoil. Changing to the C shim and plate will drop the stock some and help decrease the recoil. BTW adding more than the proper amount of shims if you have a wood stock will only increase the chances of throwing the alignment of the stock out increasing your chances of splitting the stock.

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