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  1. If you are looking to replace the a lot cheaper, you might want to go to a Trap Dude or Kickezz. I make a iGel Pad Replacement Kit which allows you to use other pads with no alterations to your gun. Contact me at All Sport Tech 734-717-5390. Hope this may help solve your problem.
  2. Contact All Sport Tech for the answer to the problem. 734-717-5390 or 734-426-7024 Good Luck --GB
  3. Contact All Sport Tech I think they have an answer. 734-717-5390 or 734-426-7024. Hope this helps.-GB
  4. All Sport Tech now makes a NEW kit so you can change the Pad, LOP etc. on the Nova & M-2 20ga. just like you can on all the Benelli 12ga. Comfort Tech stock shotguns. Call AST at 734-717-5390 or 734-426-7024
  5. SBE II Ferret, I understand your problem, but many shotguns need to be tuned to the shooter. You might contact Barrel Works (810-326-3943 or E-mail: [email protected]) as they worked on my trigger. They took out the 1/16"of creep and set the trigger pull to 3.5 lbs. Hope this helps solve your problem. --GB
  6. JDE, check with All Sport Tech 734-717-5390 they make a kit that lets you change the LOP, the pitch, and or use any recoil pad you choose. It doesn't require any alterations to your stock and can be done in 10 min. Hope this helps. --GB
  7. I have used Kickeeze, Trapdude, and Xcoil pads on my SBE II's and all work fine. Adding more than 16oz. of weght will cause them not to cycle.--GB
  8. Contact Xcoil (Hiviz) direct and find out if their pad will fit with no work. Ask for Bryce. GB
  9. The only recoil pad I know of that starts with an X is Xcoil by Hiviz (http://www.hivizsights.com). Check out Trapdude and Kickeeze as they make good soft pads also. Hope this helps.--GB
  10. gowest, I added an 8 oz. C & H mercury recoil reducer fore end cap to front and 8 oz. weight in the stock cavity. It helped. The gun weights 7.3 lbs. out of the box, but you can't add more than 1 lb. (16 oz.) to the gun or it won't cycle. I've tried many combinations and it won't function with more. Hope this helps you out.--GB
  11. The SBE II weighs only 7.3 lbs. out of the box, but you can add a maxium of 1lb. to it and it will still function. I added an 8oz. C&H fore-end cap type to the front and 8oz. of lead in the stock cavity. Seems to help mine. Also the pitch may be affecting how the recoil is being felt by you. Hope this helps.--GB
  12. Be careful how much weight you add to your Benelli. I added 1 lb. total to mine and when I tried more it would not cycle. I put an 8 oz. C & H on the front and added 8 oz. of lead to the stock cavity. It cycles fine, Hope the helps you. Happy Holidays to ALL. --GB [ 12-22-2005, 05:14 PM: Message edited by: Golden Bear ]
  13. Check with Jaqua's Fine Guns in Findley, Ohio or check their website gun list . The last time I checked they had a 26" barrel on their list. Good luck. -- GB
  14. If you want to lengthen a Comfort-Tech stock to 15 1/2" you should check with All Sport Tech 734-717-5390. They make a Kit ($20.00 + s&h) that lets you lengthen a synthetic stock with no alterations to the stock. It's the only one out there that i know of. Hope this helps.--GB [ 12-12-2005, 07:06 PM: Message edited by: Golden Bear ]
  15. Check past threads . There are other ways to shorten LOP besides changing Benelli pads. There is a product which provides a solution with a different pad.--GB
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