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Help with new Supernova


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Hi, all. I bought a new Supernova Tactical two days ago. Today, I noticed scratches on the ejector and a jagged irregularity above the scratches. I fired a couple of snap caps, but no live ammo has been fired through the gun. Pictures are attached. Is this normal or is it a factory defect? Help! Thanks.





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hmm.. doesn't sound right. My Novas are older and up at the cabin so I can't take a look-see on mine.


the pics are a bit smallish/not localized.. By chance could the 'scratches' be from test-fires and/or cycling the action?... more scuffing than 'scratching'.


The rough edges is concerning, though. Shouldn't be anything like that on any part. However, I can't see it well enough in the pics.

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