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Missing Camo on my New SBE2 max4


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I picked up my gun about a week ago but just got around to taking a look at it... When I did i found some of the Max4 camo chiped off....... Any clue what I should do? Its not a big chip but enough that I think it could help more flake off... Any way to seal it so it cant spread? Should I take it back to the gun store or send Benelli an email? :confused:

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I would take the gun back to the store. If the store/gun shop has a good reputation, they will not hesitate to take the gun back and get you another one.


Although, I would carefully inspect the next gun at the store with the store employee. If next gun has missing/chipped camo, I would asked for my money back.


Regards -threeshot

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PS. Make sure you have the following before leaving the store:


* 1 Plastic Breakdown Case

* 5 Cryo Choke Choke Tubes (All different sizes)

* 4 Choke Tube Plastic Holders

* 1 Choke Wrench

* 1 Drop Change Kit (Drop & Cast Adjustment)

* 1 50ml Benelli Gun Oil

* 1 Use/Maintenance Manual

* 1 Spare Parts List Manual

* 1 Warranty Registration Card


I got home and discovered I was missing four choke tubes and their plastic holders. Called the gun shop and they had me bring everything back. The gun shop opened the gun case on another SBEII that I was looking at earlier at the store and gave me the chokes from that case.


Of course, I made sure that all the chokes were different before leaving.




[ 06-24-2004, 08:25 AM: Message edited by: threeshot ]

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