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Surefire weapon light forend for Benelli M1 mounting


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I currently have a Surefire 617FA forend for my Benelli M1 but it doesn't exactly fit rock solid. The instruction manual says that it is supposed to fit the newer Benelli M1s according to the serial number but there is quite a bit of rotational play in it. I do have the set screws tightened. My Benelli M1 is the newest version with the magazine tube barrel stop ring. I had to remove this ring in order to get the Surefire forend to slide over the magazine tube and their is no mention of this in the Surefire manual. This is the newer style Surefire forend with the grey rubber grip area but it still has the set screws in front so it isn't the current version Surefire sells. I am thinking of buying the new LED 617LM version to replace the 617FA but I have some questions. I noticed that Surefire eliminated the set screws on it so I am guessing it mounts to the Benelli M1 differently. I have also noticed that the aluminum spacer that used to fit between the rear of the forend and the front of the receiver now mounts at the front on the 617LM. I would rather have the spacer at the rear because I don't like gripping the shotgun so close to the receiver.

Can you mount the spacer at the rear of the forend or does it have to stay up front?

Will the new 617LM fit on the magazine tube without removing the barrel stop ring and does it fit more securely than the older version?

I tried calling Surefire but the person I talked to couldn't answer any of my questions.


Thanks for any help.

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