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Who in this Forum currently has a Benelli M3?


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Evening Folks:


Was wondering who in this Forum currently has a Benelli M3?


I got a "New To Me" M3 a couple of weeks ago.


First stop was to the gunsmith. Had the stock shortened to 13.5 LOP; put on a new better-recoil-absorbing stock pad; had a Brownell oversized safety installed (if you decide to use this, be sure to paint the small end red...so you can tell when it is not on safety); and also installed an Arredondo Benelli Carrier Release Bar.


Except for the carrier release bar, everything went well.


What is not obvious about the release bar...is that you have to pretty much dissasemble the entire trigger group to get the release button out...then have to drill and tap it. Finally, you have to modify (make it much smaller) it so it does not catch the M3 foreend when you are operating the M3 manually.


Last modification was to change out the stock Benelli shell carrier for one that pretty much eliminates the dreaded "Benelli Thumb". The modified carrier can be seen here: http://www.thehighroad.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=13902&d=1086135853.


Next stops: awaiting a Vicker's tactical sling; then, shotgun goes off to Benny Hill for bolt lightening.


Things I am thinking about: adding a GG&G oversized bolt handle; putting a scope mount on my (undriller or tapped) M3 so that I can try out a couple of optics; adding a tactical light with or without laser.


Would love to hear other folks experience with the M3 and/or successful M3 modifications.


Anybody have a TLR1...or other tactical light... installed on their M3?


Will post M3 pix once I get the shotty back from Benny Hill.






P.S. I would really rather have someone else learn everything the hard way (LOL); then have the joy of doing it myself.

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I own 2 M3s..A newer one & a H&K with a 26" field ribbed barrel ...But unless ya wann'a keep it in the pump mode..I'd be careful about adding too many accesories to it..Because remember it's an Inertia operating auto bolt....I was going to have the reciever drilled & tapped for a rail like one of my M4s so I could mount a Kobra 4 Chevron'd op site... but was advised against it because of that ..Both of mine have shot mags & cheap wally mart ammo without one Hiccup..& don't wann'a screw that up...Let us all know tho if it still works with all the kitchen sink stuff added,

The M4s are gas operated...& thats why they work with everything including a blackhwk chopper glued to it....from the looks of some of the m4 owners that have posted pics of the extra gear...

Stay Safer!


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