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Hammer **** on the 1885 High/Low Wall


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I purchased an 1885 High Wall in 45-70 (haven't shot it yet) and an 1885 Low Wall in 38 WCF (fun gun). On both, when the lever is brought down and the block lowers, the hammer is placed on half-****, after which manual thumbing is necessary to bring the hammer all the way to full ****. The original Winchester guns and the Brownings (both original manufacture in the 1880s and the more recent issues from Miroku) cam the hammer to full **** when the lever is sent down.


What's with that? Is that a legal liability safety thing?


This is my first post.

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Yes, I suppose it is some dumb-*** liability feature dreamed up by an over paid, under worked corporate lawyer. I have never seen that setup but it is along the same stupid lines as the cross-bolt or top-tang safety on the model 94. Aren't lawyers and our legal system wonderful !!

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