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Put Ghost Rings on Super Nova Tactical Pistol Grip


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I just purchased a Super Nova Tactical with a Pistol Grip. It came with a set of "basic" iron sites not the ghost ring sights that are on the other models. I installed a set of rails on the top of the gun to attach a light and a 4 shell sleeve on the side of the rail, which now covers the rear iron site. I can purchase a flip down MagPul ghost ring and put it on the rail in the rear. Will the fixed site in the front work with that set-up? It seems like the front fixed site might be to low for that type of set-up. I need a both a front and rear ghost ring to make this work correctly, right? Has anyone found another way to do this after putting a set of rails on the top of this model gun? I could add a scope but this seems like "over kill". Any suggestions on getting a set of sites on the gun?


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I would recommend a set manufactured by LPA - who are incidentally the same company who provide the ghost rings on most of the "tactical" Benelli models, including the M4. They're Italian, but I'm sure that you could find a distributor in the US without too much trouble.



Rear sights: http://www.lpasights.com/en/products?page=shop.browse&category_id=34&vmcchk=1


Front sights: http://www.lpasights.com/en/products?category_id=33&page=shop.browse&limit=20&limitstart=20



You may or may not require the services of a smith dependent upon which type you settle upon.



The BAR11W is designed to fit onto a picatinny/weaver rail:



The SG6 front sight is designed to work with the BAR11W and simply screws onto the barrel:




I hope that this helps.

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Thanks for the IPA web links. This was a great heads up. The distributor in the NE for their products is a company in CT called PSI (http://www.precisionsalesintl.com/Product/Sight_Product_home.html) and due to the shooting in CT they are back ordered on everything. As a matter of fact I tried LaRue Tactical and they said by email I sent them, they are back ordered on most of their inventory as well. Hey you gun guys are sure buying up some gear these days. Ha!! As a matter of fact my Am Ex bill this month shows I am right there with you all. God Bless America. Thanks again.

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Right now for what I'm doing I am shooting with the front iron site the way I was taught 35+ years ago. Shot a lot of birds back in the day, with a bolt action, 3 shell chamber and a simple fixed front site. I think I am getting a scope for slugs beyond 40+ yards I am sure this will work. Thanks for the ghost ring idea I'll see if that work on my present sent up.

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