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Vinci factory extended mag tubes?


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Overseas, Benelli sells extended mag tubes for the Vinci in 5, 7, or 9 round capacity. They are not cheap, $300ish each from what I can determine.


Anyone have a line on a source for these from Europe? Maybe stationed in Italy/Germany/England for you active duty guys? Family in the old country maybe?


I have not been able to determine part #'s from the little printed material I've seen.




Kevin Bush

SFC, US Army, retired

NRA - Life/Benefactor

GOA - Life

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I think the net problem is that outside of the 5 round capacity extension, the others would qualify as 'high capacity' magazines which would have issues as a now 'non-sporting' firearm. That would mean you'd have to have 922 compliance parts I believe. I believe that's one of the major reasons benelli doesn't sell them. Still you would have thought someone would have made a US extended tube by now.

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