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yugo sks compliance question - do I need to add a muzzle break?

k way

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I have a Yugo SKS and have replaced enough parts to make it compliant under 922® but I think I read somewhere that if I changed the stock out to a synthetic stock that I needed to remove the night sites, grenade launcher, and grenade launcher site. To achieve that I had the barrel cut off right in front of where it flares out before the barrel extension that the grenade launcher was attached to. Then I think I read somewhere that when the grenade launcher is removed that a muzzlebreak has to be installed, which would mean that I'll have to chop it off again behind where it flares out. Can anybody tell me if I am compliant without having to re-chop the barrel and put on a muzzle break. I kind of like the look of having it cut off right where it is. Remember, I have replaced enough parts to make it compliant. Is not having a muzzle break going to put me back in a bad place? I know the g-men would only mess with me if they wanted to come up with a "add-on" charge, but I am considering opening a pistol range and want to make sure that if they decide to take a look at all my guns that they don't find anything that would f$#% me up.

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NO THANKS on the sticker!!! How about without the sticker? I'm thinking that the person that said it was just flat out ignorant personally, but I want to make sure. I know that taking the grenade launcher off obviously gets rid of one of the imported parts, but for some reason they were saying a muzzle break had to be put on if the GL was taken off. I think some people are confused here. It doesn't matter how many US made parts are on the gun, as long as there are no more than 10 imported parts in the list right? God I hate this. The law is so misinterpreted by so many people that it's hard to figure out who knows what the **** they are talking about. Basically here's what I have:

Yugo SKS

receiver - imported = 1

barrel - imported = 1

barrel extensions - n/a (cut off barrel at point right where it flares out but not listed in SKS list)either way none now = 0

mounting blocks - n/a = 0

muzzle attachments - cut off - now n/a = 0

bolt - imported = 1

bolt carrier - imported = 1

operating rod - n/a - not on list for SKS = 0

gas piston - replaced with US part = 0

trigger housing - imported = 1

trigger - imported = 1

hammer - imported = 1

sear - imported = 1

disconnector - don't think on the list for SKS but not sure so let's say imported = 1

butt stock - replaced with ATI camo Monte Carlo stock = 0

pistol grip - n/a = 0

hand guard - replaced with US handguard = 0

magazine body - US magazine = 0

follower - US follower = 0

floorplate - US floorplate = 0

+ 9 total imported parts even if I count a disconnector that I am not sure about. way on the safe side right?

I've looked all over but it seems over and keep getting different answers. I didn't find it anyplace when searching through the past threads by the way so if I missed it I apologize. I also have a couple of 20 round steel magazines that have absolutely no markings/stamps of their origin. Any suggestions on what to do with them? simple posession of them in the same building as the firearm shouldn't be an issue right? I mean if they aren't in the gun they aren't installed right? Planning on grabbing a couple of the tapco ones once people stop freaking out and stocking up on them. can't seem to find a reasonably priced one in stock anywhere, and people on like ebay seem to be paying a premium for them. Tapco ones are only like $20 and US for sure when you can find them again. Ebayers were, at least until recently paying just stupid money for 20 round mags, but now there isn't anything listed on there that is over 10 rounds. Does anybody know if they have changed their rules concerning high-capacity mags? wow... how effective a media campaign can be huh...

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