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  1. Hey ... show some love for us Desert Camo owners :-)
  2. Because none of the aftermarket come close ....
  3. I did it as mine is for home defense so if I ever have to use it for that, no doubt its legality will be scrutenized.
  4. I have the M80 and you can't remove any of the rails ... the M80 gets trashed here but I liike mine.
  5. Someone will probably report it as offensive and liberal FB will make you take it down.
  6. Same here .... went with FFT hammer and trigger, Geissele wasn't available at the time (I now have one waiting in the wings).
  7. I'll have to check, I've had it for over 2 years now so I don't remember off hand.
  8. I just use the slip-on Limbsaver .... fits good and makes a big difference.
  9. Everyone trashes the Surefire fore end but I have one and have no issues with it, feels fine to me. I have the Surefire rubber covers over the parts of the rail not in use.
  10. That's just unfair and not accurate. They have explained their business model before ... this is not a big company, mom & pop at best. Don't order from them if you don't want to wait. All the time I've been on this forum I've never heard of anyone not getting their product, being charged and not getting their product, or even any complaints about their product.
  11. Forum admins, please remove user "glucsubni" as they are sending SPAM via private messages.
  12. Trulock http://www.trulockchokes.com/index.php
  13. FYI ... the Pelican is big and heavy. Took it to the range once and that was it, bought the 42" 5.11 after that experience.
  14. Pelican or the 42" 5.11 ... I have both. Travel = Pelican, daily/range = 5.11
  15. I'll have to try and dig through my emails to find which one I ordered but it fits the CS fine.
  16. I use the limbsaver slip on for my CS M4.
  17. Trulock makes one too ... http://www.trulockchokes.com/tactical-c-24.php?osCsid=e513e96e2f312145ee4c73e14fe6ba28
  18. M4-Desert Camo

    M4 mods

    Brando13357 .... this is an adult, respectful forum. There is no need for insults here please think before you post.
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