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  1. If it's on there already and not causing damage .....no.
  2. Well said .. I don't think most people realize what a life changing/altering moment it will be if one ever has to actually use their firearm in self defense in ajustifiable shooting and injure or take another life.
  3. I'm reading their book, they weren't rich when they signed the Benelli contract. Phil was loyal to Remington or Winchester (can't remember which off hand). When Willie took over he arranged the Benelli deal and it worked out great for them.
  4. Nice gun, endorsed by the Robertson's!
  5. Sent him a PM and he will provide you the details.
  6. Folks, do yourself a favor and reach out to benelliwerkes about his manuals. Don't hesitate and buy his manual, you won't be sorry. If you think about all the crap we waste money on every day this is money WELL spent.
  7. I got the SM/MD which adds 1/2" LOP ... which was fine for me, I'm tall with long arms (left the OEM one on). http://www.limbsaver.com/firearms/recoil.php#slip
  8. I had problems with the built in mount on my Surefire X300 Ultra on the factory rail.
  9. Haven't been to the range with it, mail messed up the trigger delivery last week. It feels OK dry fire. No tube on order yet, I was emailing with Kip and he does offer it in desert tan so when he starts taking orders I'll get one. Not sure of the new laws here in MD ... I know futures sales are banned and 20rd mag's lowered to 10. Haven't seen the full range of changes yet in the laws.
  10. The stock work was out of necessity, With the EOTech I wasn't getting my cheek high enough and/or comfortable. As far as the Limbsaver, the CS was beating the heck out of my shoulder compared to the regular PG stock.
  11. After getting my M4 almost 6 months ago, here is my final (if there is such a thing as final) build: Surefire M80 Fore end, X300-Ultra (w/Larue mount), XT07 tape switch and rail covers. FFT Trigger assembly, follower, rail, charging handle and 6 shell holder. EOTech EXPS-3. Benelli collapsible stock with adhesive scope-eze cheek rest. Lasermax green. Magpul angled grip. DMW oversized safety. Limbsaver pad There isn’t much real estate available on our M4’s so I did away with the tape switch for the Lasermax and I’m much happier with the layout. Can’t say I’m a fan of Lasermax’s pulsating green laser but the form factor is real nice. My guess is it’s a battery hog. When Carriercomp starts taking orders again I plan on a desert tan full size tube. Nice to be 922r compliant as well! A big shout out to StrangerDanger for all his contributions to the forum and individuals, a real stand-up guy! [ATTACH=CONFIG]2151[/ATTACH]
  12. I used one of those padded adhesive check risers. http://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/stock-forend-parts/butt-plate-parts/cheek-pieces-amp-palm-swells/scope-eze-prod15487.aspx
  13. There is hardness, tensil strength, etc ..... not everything is equal. Kind of like how the car that won the 1/4 drag had a better time but slower MPH than the car it beat. Things can be strong but soft.
  14. Nothing fit on mine without MAJOR force, I believe it's not to true spec.
  15. I have the FFT and no issues, problems at all.
  16. CC does a desert tan finish for us Camo owners .... DMW doesnt, easy decision.
  17. Not sure I understand this, you are not reducing any inertia within the cyclic action, you are just reducing the exterior felt results. I'm no physic's wiz but but not sure slipping a limb saver on will cause enough reduced inertia to cause issues. Has caused any issues with my M4.
  18. Hehe ... OK, I admit I had to think about this one for a sec.
  19. The X300 series is probably your smallest profile Surefire.
  20. I was getting kicked pretty good (arthritis in my shoulder) with my M4, I bought a Limb-saver pad (slip on) and it made a good bit of difference. I first put it on my stock pistol grip M4 stock, I since have put on a CS stock and tried it first without the pad and I got pretty bruised. Put the limb-saver back on and it does indeed help. I bought a fairly thin one too.
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