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  1. You can also buy strips of the same material they use for car "clear bra's" .. along the lines of helicopter tape. Go to Best Buy, buy a Invisible Shield (aka Zagg) cell phone screen protecter and cut it in strips, they use same material as helicopter tape.
  2. Isn't the L4 only 120 lumens? Doesn't bright enough for a weapon light.
  3. TruLock makes a nice tactical choke for the M4 http://www.trulockchokes.com/get-chokes.php?manufacturers_id=28&guage=12&seechokes=See+Chokes
  4. Very generous offer, thanks so much and count me in!
  5. It's from the Benelli Tactical Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BenelliTactical?filter=3
  6. I think most of us already have a BLAM4 sitting in our retired parts draw already.
  7. I've been on this forum for a while now and I've come to the conclusion benelliwerkes has all the cool toys! He wins.
  8. Vickers makes some great stuff, got one for my AR and plan to get one for my M4.
  9. I have it on my M4, no issues .... StrangerDanger has installed many of these and probably is the best authority on them.
  10. Not having children is missing out on the greatest experience life has to offer. The way you felt watching your dad just scratches the surface of emotions compared to the joy of children.
  11. So, everyone agree's that Kips tubes are the best but ....... is the FFT Ti one (and their spring) garbage?
  12. They have been taking new orders for several weeks now, been mentioned a few times on the forum.
  13. CC is now accepting new orders
  14. I have the Brownell's too ... these are good.
  15. I have my M4 for HD and my AR for "fun". I agree with Sharkey, hang onto the M4. I put the Benelli CS on and it's hard on the shoulder, I put on a limbsaver slip-on and that helped a lot. Nothing will make a 12guage feel like a 410 but please hang onto the M4. I have a friend who used to train rangers, his fav was a Rem 870 marine but he recently got a M4 and loves it.
  16. Just installed the FFT Titanium tube on my painted Camo finish M4 last week. I was a bit worried about heating and the paint but I aimed the heat gun on the tube and not the receiver. Took about 8 minutes to loosen up, no problems at all with the paint.
  17. I have flashlight and LaserMax on mine.
  18. Great gun, stay away from aftermarket stocks ... FFT (Freedom Fighter Tactical) has all your 922® compliant parts. Welcome, and this is a great forum, people are nice and EXTREMELY helpful.
  19. I have them ... if you PM me an email address I'll try to send (might be too big to email). There were three, one specific to he M4.
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