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  1. I remember someone here several months ago telling me you can shoot slugs through modified but recommended cylinder if shooting a lot of slugs very often.
  2. I have this with the quick detach 6 shell ..... love it http://www.sidearmor.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=46_48&products_id=114
  3. I bought some Trulock chokes. I started with the stock one, that's about as small as you want to go with slugs. I now use their breech tacticle choke for range and HD (OO 9 pellet buck). No problems, I was new and overwhelemed not to long ago. Everyone here is great an the Benelli is an outstanding shotgun. Now I need to learn about the AR I just got.
  4. OEM rail does have issues, I have the FFT one, works perfect.
  5. No problems for me but I haven't put anything though it other than slugs.
  6. And to top it off she was very rude and insensitive to an older man who had been shot.
  7. It will be interesting to see what it goes for ....
  8. I like the fact I can mount the Surefire X300-U to the Unimax. The Unimax Kit plus the EOTech EX*** is still cheaper that what I was going to pay for the EOLAD. Working out for the best. No idea why the forum is *** out the EOTech model number.
  9. They are talking about her now on "The Five" over on FNC. Only Bob Beckel is cutting her slack ..... no surprise there. They are calling her dangerous.
  10. Thanks, I'll take a look .... something I forgot to add is it needs to be rugged to handle the recoil. I'd rather not have to take it off everytime I go to the range. With buying an Eotech (2 actually, one for my AR) and a Surefire .... I don't get sticker shock anymore. I think with my AR, I'm going to wait for the Surefire X-400/Green to come out.
  11. OK, Please don't blast me for wanting a laser on my HD M4, I do. Now that that's out of the way, here is my scenario. Had a Eotech EOLAD on order for almost 4 months now. Today I'm being told the item has been discontinued by Eotech. I already have a Surefire X300-U so I don't need a light. I have also since purchased a Eotech EX***-0 so I'm looking for just a standalone green laser sight that has a tape switch. Any suggestions, recommendations? It will be mounted to a Surefire M80. In retrospect, I'm glad the EOLAD didn't work out since it is so big and heavy.
  12. FFT, 1/2" Steel ..... no issues with it all. Size is perfect IMHO.
  13. I know ... I threw out all my pmags after firing them and now I can't but anymore. Well at least America is safer now. ..... what morons. Maryland is days away from joining the ranks of the stupid.
  14. I have the first ones from Brownells to practice loading and clearing. Also very useful to show someone who wants to fire my M4 for the first time how to load the gun and clear it during a range cease fire.
  15. Yup, I can confirm the iPad is working correctly .... THANKS!
  16. Congrats guys! This thread is officially the longest in the Forum
  17. Wasn't suggesting you fix it .... hate having to use other browsers on my iPad, oh well.
  18. http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=1886&d=1359220879
  19. What's the point of having it recognize a mobile device (yes, we saw the url change) if it can't display a mobile version of the forum page?
  20. I like my FFT, I got the medium sized one. http://freedomfightertactical.com/products-page/tactical-charging-handles/the-freedom-fighter-tactical-12-inch-diameter-steel-tactical-charging-handle/
  21. Thanks all, yup I do hold the button in while moving. I suspected all was OK since it functioned fine but just wanted to check with experts.
  22. Just installed my collapsible stock (M4 OEM) and getting it fully collapsed is very stiff. Fully extended and middle position are fine but when I turn it 45 degrees, then sliding it all the way up and turning it back 45 degrees to it's normal position is very stiff. Nothing seems to be binding but is this normal?
  23. I just did mine last night, it's tight. You do have to take the trigger assembly out. There is a video on the Benelli web site for the M4. It covers assembly, disassembly and change the stock.
  24. ^ Agreed, I was thinking the same thing ....
  25. Do we know who the sysadmins for the Forums are and how to let them know their latest update/patch is causing havoc with mobile devices?
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