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  1. Not sure I like the idea of a flame close to the painted surface of the Camo ....
  2. Thanks SD ..... Kip is the only one I found who offers a 7rd tube in Camo tan so it will be end of the year probably before I can replace it. Heat gun is a go!
  3. Anyone do this? Been reading a lot about the procedure but I wonder if subjecting the camo finish to 15-20 minutes of that kind of heat would damage the paint (or powder coat).
  4. OK, I get it now .... well a follower is a cheap one, have the surefire M80 on order so that's two, a 3 piece trigger package gets me to five and a total of 9 import parts from the list.
  5. Reading the 922r FAQ on the FFT page, they only talk about needing to be 922r compliant if you want to add the 7 round mag tube, nothing about a CS stock.... what am I missing?
  6. Thanks for the info ... I better get a few more US parts.
  7. Very serious question .... what is the legal status for having the OEM CS on our M4's (not full length mag)?
  8. I bought it ... and I had to send the keys/title to my Infiniti as well
  9. Wait ... is that a 30rd Mag I see? Arrest that man!
  10. Check Benelli Tactical on FB, there were pics a while back ....looks silly. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2078[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]2079[/ATTACH]
  11. He did say in his original post to PM him if interested ... if your PM got beat out by another, well then you loose. I see no issue here. Frankly sales should be handled via PM rather than public forum discussion other than the first "For Sale" post.... IMHO
  12. M4-Desert Camo

    New here

    Welcome, great group here and some REALLY knowledgable guys too.
  13. I have one, took it out to the range last week for the first time. Everything shot high and left at 50 yards. Swapped it out with their vented cyclinder choke and it was much more accurate (with slugs). I fit good, looks good and seems well made it just made the gun inaccurate.
  14. It's a great light but I was a little surprised about the 500 lumens claim. I have some 200 Lumen LED flashlights that are real bright, white (no hint of blue) and focused. The X300-U is not as white of light but not as yellow as incandesecnt and it's not as focused of a beam, more dispersed so it doesn't "appear" as bright. But, I tell ya what, I did a "shine in your face" test .... it's bright :-)
  15. I have the Surefire X300-U and LaRue's quick release mount.
  16. I had a LaserMax green on ordered, arrived yesterday only to not work. Sent it back to Optics Planet for a replacement. That Briley mount just spins and gets tightened down with the threaded part. There are no notches, etc to make sure you position it at the same spot. Perhaps I could make something to get it alligned each time I take things apart. I too only plan on the laser for close HD use, 10-30ft perhaps. I just got my EOTech yesterday, those are sweet. Can't wait to get to the range on Sunday to sight it in.
  17. http://www.briley.com/magazineextensionbarrelclamp-1.aspx
  18. Well, the one I was thinking to buy is gone, so I placed an order directly with Surefire. Yes, I need to mount my LaserMax and it's tape switch and the tape switch for my Surefire X300-U. I have the Briley mount but that has no solid "return to zero" installation so I cant mount the laser to it but can the light. I have seen the mods people have done to their stock foregrips to mount lights, etc and I'm not a fan of that. I also want to mount a Magpul AFG2 grip as well.
  19. Yeah, everyone is out of them with no ETA. The supply shortage for everything is starting to get annoying. Thanks for all the feedback. This forum is great.
  20. Guys, I'm in the market for a Surefire M80 and have a chance to buy one that was never installed but older. I don't know how old it is yet (TBD) but in my searches I have discovered some fit issue complaints on the original M80's. Does anyone know when Surefire tweaked the M80 to correct these issues?
  21. I wish I could follow .... I know I won't be retiring here.
  22. Sounds like you are not pushing in (and holding) the charging handle/bolt release release button while sliding the trigger assemble into place.
  23. Anyone have a new, unused Surefire M80 they bought and never installed they would like to sell? Or perhaps a "like new" used one that's fully intact?
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