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  1. I have one. Great shape. Comes with the Surefire rail covers
  2. Yup. The new version. I did put a note on the order and asked them to ship the new version. Really well made....
  3. Just got mine delivered yesterday. Found a 10% coupon +got my $5 from Amex small biz. Very nicely made . Fits well , doesn't spin and has nice groves for your finger to pull back on.
  4. It's the old rule of supply and demand.... I'm going to hold onto it, it'll only go up in price
  5. Wow.I was trying to be reasonable but I'd definitely let it go for that price 🙃
  6. Hi, I keep getting messages with offers for my BNIB Surefire M80. What's it worth ?
  7. No That one was sold. I do have a brand new in the box. But I'm not ready to part with it yet. Sorry
  8. Hi I have one. Qd mounts installed but their placement did not work for me... Please check my threads for the pics
  9. Still available. Anyone interested please PM me
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