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  1. Xchief30

    WTB: Surefire M80 for Benelli M4

    Still available. Anyone interested please PM me
  2. Xchief30

    WTB: Surefire M80 for Benelli M4

    I got one in great condition. $285 shipped in the lower 48 States. Pm with your email address for actual pictures
  3. Xchief30

    FS Surefire M80 , great condition

    Ok guys. I got a brand new in the box M80 that I'm keeping. This interview gotta go. Make reasonable offers. Thanks
  4. Xchief30

    Someone stole my M4 trigger assembly

    Don't panic yet. I had a package shipped to me in NJ , it was coming from Florida. UPS tracking showed it in Paramus which is a major NJ hub. Tracking stopped there. A week later still no new info , so I called UPS to start an investigation. (Do that TODAY). 2 days later they "found" my package in SEATTLE, WASHINGTON. Cheapos didn't even upgrade it to Air shipping, I received it a week later..... Call UPS
  5. Xchief30

    FS Surefire M80 , great condition

    I'll entertain serious offers as well on this M80. Thanks
  6. I have a 123 SL80 that I would like to purchase a barrel that has screw-in chokes. Is this possible?

  7. Xchief30

    FS Surefire M80 , great condition

    Slightly used but in Great Condition. Will take so the pics you want just PM your email address. $325 shipped in the Continental US
  8. Xchief30

    Sure Cycle Bolt Handles

    You guys were correct. Benelli part does not have the indents. I didn't even try it in the gun. It's not even bigger than the handle that comes with the gun. Hopefully they'll take it back.
  9. Xchief30

    Sure Cycle Bolt Handles

    I ended up ordering this one https://www.shopbenelli.com/bolt-handles/60220 Made by Benelli so it should not rotate either.... Thanks
  10. Xchief30

    Sure Cycle Bolt Handles

    Has anyone used or seen this ? https://www.surecycle.com/products/benelli-frag-bolt-handle-black Just looking for your opinions... Thanks
  11. Xchief30

    WTB: Surefire M80 rail for benelli M4

    I have one . Pm me with your email address.
  12. Xchief30

    My Noveske QD mounts installed

    Yes. It was $60 with return shipping. I provided the Noveske sling plate. I'm a handy guy but didn't want to attempt it myself. Sometimes you got pay others to do what you don't feel comfortable with.
  13. Xchief30

    My Noveske QD mounts installed

    I sent a new Field Stock I had laying around to StrangerDanger for a Noveske sling plate. Should have gone this route originally. Beautiful work, fantastic turn around... Thanks Steve