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  1. It's the old rule of supply and demand.... I'm going to hold onto it, it'll only go up in price
  2. Wow.I was trying to be reasonable but I'd definitely let it go for that price 🙃
  3. Hi, I keep getting messages with offers for my BNIB Surefire M80. What's it worth ?
  4. No That one was sold. I do have a brand new in the box. But I'm not ready to part with it yet. Sorry
  5. Hi I have one. Qd mounts installed but their placement did not work for me... Please check my threads for the pics
  6. Still available. Anyone interested please PM me
  7. I got one in great condition. $285 shipped in the lower 48 States. Pm with your email address for actual pictures
  8. Ok guys. I got a brand new in the box M80 that I'm keeping. This interview gotta go. Make reasonable offers. Thanks
  9. Don't panic yet. I had a package shipped to me in NJ , it was coming from Florida. UPS tracking showed it in Paramus which is a major NJ hub. Tracking stopped there. A week later still no new info , so I called UPS to start an investigation. (Do that TODAY). 2 days later they "found" my package in SEATTLE, WASHINGTON. Cheapos didn't even upgrade it to Air shipping, I received it a week later..... Call UPS
  10. I'll entertain serious offers as well on this M80. Thanks
  11. Slightly used but in Great Condition. Will take so the pics you want just PM your email address. $325 shipped in the Continental US
  12. You guys were correct. Benelli part does not have the indents. I didn't even try it in the gun. It's not even bigger than the handle that comes with the gun. Hopefully they'll take it back.
  13. I ended up ordering this one https://www.shopbenelli.com/bolt-handles/60220 Made by Benelli so it should not rotate either.... Thanks
  14. Has anyone used or seen this ? https://www.surecycle.com/products/benelli-frag-bolt-handle-black Just looking for your opinions... Thanks
  15. I have one . Pm me with your email address.
  16. Yes. It was $60 with return shipping. I provided the Noveske sling plate. I'm a handy guy but didn't want to attempt it myself. Sometimes you got pay others to do what you don't feel comfortable with.
  17. I sent a new Field Stock I had laying around to StrangerDanger for a Noveske sling plate. Should have gone this route originally. Beautiful work, fantastic turn around... Thanks Steve
  18. Bump, buyer never sent payment. Still available
  19. Yes, you are correct. I mounted the QD too low... Top is rolling away from me I'm just going to send it to you as soon as the Noveske sling plate comes in.....
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