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  1. Did mine this morning, piece of cake. Since I had the painted Camo finish M4 I only heated the mag tube and not the receiver. It took about 8 minutes to loosen up but then came right out. I didn't have much of a lock-tite mess to clean up either. The new tube went on like a charm and looks/functions good. Very glad I went with Titanium and not steel. Frankly I like the look of the gray on the Desert Camo model.
  2. Got mine yesterday too .... less than a week. Going to put it on my Desert Camo M4 .... probably not this weekend.
  3. Yeah, thats why I was hoping Carrier Comp would start up ordering soon, wanted to do their version.
  4. Decision made .... now can Titanium be reliably coated if I decide to try and match the Desert Tan?
  5. Well I was hoping Carrier Comp would start sales back up again soon but it doesn't appear so. So ... to beat the new laws going into affect in my state soon, I'm going to order a tube from FFT for my Desert Camo M4. Besides cost and weight ... Pro's/Cons for Titanium vs steel?
  6. I do my EOTech at 50 yards as well (slug).
  7. Well since the law doesn't really seem to matter to our current AG ..... good luck
  8. You can't ... they aren't accepting orders now until they clear the back-log. And .... I'm first in line
  9. I bought the 5.11 36" Single Gun case for my AR and love it. I plan on getting the 42" for my M4. It's a real nice case.
  10. Cut these guys slack, they are not a giant machine shop banging out product all day long. In all my time here I have never been aware of anyone complaining about the product quality once they receive it.
  11. Only a million requests for that one! LOTS of threads on that ... given today's political climate, don't hold your breath.
  12. I already have one, just was curious about the future for that model.
  13. Did Benelli stop making the Desert Camo (11717) model? I don't see them listed on the Benelli web site anymore.
  14. Thanks, thats the warm fuzzy I was looking for.
  15. Has anyone ever used the heat gun on a camo painted (OEM) finish? At some point I want to add the desert camo finish one Kip offers but I'm concerned the heat gun will damage (bubble?) the painted OEM finish.
  16. I became compliant a few weeks ago, 5 USA parts on a M4 with a CS. When Kip starts back up, I'll add a 6th.
  17. Thanks, never dawned on me the ITAR export restriction.
  18. Is the Surefire M80 922r compliant (aka made in the USA)?
  19. So why the Geissele hammer over the FTT hammer or visa versa?
  20. Since you modified it .... my guess not too many people will be interested in it unless you practically give it away.
  21. I tested a few things on the OEM rail and they either didn't fit or were so snug I couldn't move ... saved myself and hassle and just got the FFt rail, all is well.
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