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  1. I have a small part that I would like to coat or paint.Does anybody know what duracoat version of black most closely matches the M4 receiver? or has anyone used anything else to match the black?
  2. ordered mine when the became available in Jan, arrived 2nd week of June was to be sooner but Kip and Marcys area were hit by heavy flooding in that area of Florida that pushed back shipping dates,,, She e mailed me to let me know of change,,, 5 stars for customer service
  3. CC currently has 7 items ready for ordering
  4. Just wanted to Say THANKS to Benelliwerkes for putting together such a great reference guide for any M4 owner who wants to learn about,maintain and modify their M4, this is a complete guide with clear photos,easy to understand instructions,and many helpful tips that will give you the confidence you need to do it all yourself.
  5. I received my TTI shell elevator,hammer spring,bolt release pad and safety yesterday,,, to me being a new M4 owner the pieces seem to be well made and well finished the shell elevator is completly polished and the bolt pad and safety are hard coat anodized in a dark grayish color....
  6. This would be a great addition to my M4 that appeared under my Christmas tree... grazie per l'opportunita '
  7. I posted earlier about my great Christmas gift, now for the Help from all of you. any mods you have tried that make the M4 more lefty friendly? thinking aftermarket safety to start. thanks for you knowledge and time to respond
  8. krul1

    Best present ever

    Funny you mention a Christmas Story,,,,,, Hate to admit ,but the 3xxxl pink bunny pajamas came first,,,, sorry no pics of that getup
  9. Received my M4 christmas day,,,, this would be great to add to my already perfect Christmas
  10. This may not seem like much to all you new guys,but yesterday I unwrapped the most beautiful M4... all made possible by the best wife I could wish for,,, and this was all a 100% surprise,she said she decieded to get the M4 after reading all the great things posted on this forum. so thank you all,,,,,
  11. My question to all of you is, should a Surefire DSF-M1/M2 forend be used on this this model?, yes Surefire makes it so I assume so, but need real answers from real M2 owners,regarding cycling issues. Thanks
  12. Hello, the big question I need answered prior to purchase is... does anybody have any reason why I should NOT buy a m4 if I am left handed? meaning controls,bolt movement,ejecting or whatever else you can think of, please excuse me if the questions seem silly, but prior to handing over the cash I would like to hear answers from owners, not the guy taking my cash. Thanx
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