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  1. Congratulations to the winner and thanks to heckler&kochp2000 for sponsoring the giveaway.
  2. Rather than use up ALL the rear sight adjustment, it might be preferable to drift/adjust the front sight a bit. Remember to move the front sight in the opposite direction you want to move your POI (point of impact). Better idea: invest in a good reflex sight and forget the iron sights.
  3. When my M4 was new, the mag tube was literally impossible to unload using the shell stop. From use, it is now easy. Just give it time, it WILL loosen up and become easy for you.
  4. There's not a damn thing the Governor and/or State of NY can do about an individual selling and shipping a perfectly-legal-where-you-live pistol grip stock, magazine, etc to someone in their state. The responsibility lies entirely with the buyer. That said, I probably wouldn't do it because I wouldn't want to feel any responsibility for someone else's possible arrest.
  5. StrangerDanger: Personally, I think your M4 looks just about right now.
  6. These days, I usually hire someone to shoot my 3" Magnum loads for me.
  7. I believe that list may be dated. For instance, it's a well-known fact that currently UK forces, including the Royal Marines (like the US Marines), are using the M4, designation L128A1, and not the M2. It's likely that list is of all organizations that use the M2 or have used it sometime in the past.
  8. FYI, the Barska brand biometric safes have keys to open them. There's no danger of you not being able to get your gun(s) out. I bought one for my daughter for her H&K P2000SK pistol (which I also bought her). When you have a daughter, it never ends!
  9. Ok. I got the answer on this. Apparently, there is an exception for short-barreled rifles. See below. Does 922r apply to NFA items? It absolutely does, unless the only thing you are doing is shortening the barrel. The common misconception is, for example, you can make up your own SBR via Form 1 and use all imported parts. This is not true. You still have the burden, as the manufacturer/assembler, of complying with 922®, even for an NFA item. The so-called "NFA exception" addresses the specific instance of shortening the barre
  10. Learned something new today. Thanks for that. Fortunately, all my changes have been made with US-made parts so I'm good though I had zero concern about it at the time of manufacture. BTW, the ATF made NO mention of 922r to me when they were providing me with their "guidance." It makes me wonder if one hand of that outfit knows what the other is doing (or cares).
  11. 922r doesn't apply to NFA weapons.
  12. Yeah, that sucks and dramatically demonstrates the futility of trying to control violence by banning or restricting inanimate objects.
  13. The "one evil feature" has nothing to do with 922r or any other existing law or regulation. That is part of Feinstein's introduced "assault weapons" ban which may or may not go anywhere. It's not something I'd presently base any of my purchasing decisions on.
  14. You are way north, Zeke! I live in southern Luzerne County.
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