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OK, after installation of the +2 factory extension and spring on my SUPERNOVA 18.5", i loaded up the tube and everything seems to cycle really well. But I realized I was only able to load it up with 5+1 (2.75" shells) and 4+1 (3" shells) at a time!?!?! :mad:


From what I have been reading, isn't this shotgun supposed to hold 7 or 8 shells with a +2 factory extension?


Does that mean I have to cut the spring that came with the extension? If so, how much should I cut it before it affects its performance?


Should I just revert back to using the original spring, which seems to slide up and down inside the extended tube when the shotgun is not loaded? also it doesn't even have enough tension to hold the factory end cap in place. (i didn't think that was a good thing to have a loose spring).

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so then it's safe to say that it's the shells and not the spring?


would it even be advisable to tamper with the spring from a FACTORY +2 extension?


here are the brands and type of shells that i was using that day. anybody here have any feedback on these?


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Could it be that spring was designed for a shorter mag (5 shots) so now you have added length, only makes sense it would be loose with nohing in it?


i figured that, but what spring should i use? the one that came with the FACTORY extension which only allows me a max of 6 shells or the original spring that allows me up to 8 shells but has crap spring tension?


please see the video clip, maybe i'm just being paranoid about the whole spring tension thing...i just don't know if anything is supposed that loose on a firearm...:



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Hey PC, Since you are now the same length as a full length tube I would get a Wolff spring. I don't know if Kip (Carriercomp) currently has them in stock but I'd start there first.


it doesn't require any cutting? also, what's the length of that spring? maybe i can just cut my spring down? i'd rather stick with factory parts.


thanks...i'll keep that in mind!

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OK scratch all that...somebody NOT on this board actually showed me the light.


My BIG mistake was trying to attach the whole thing together as one piece instead of screwing the barrel nut on first! now without ever cutting the spring that came with my extension (almost did), I can now fit 7 in the mag and one in the hole.

Somebody should STICKY this just in case somebody ever runs into this problem in the future.


I mean...there aren't ANY kind of instructionals ANYWHERE on the internet regarding the installation of a FACTORY BENELLI +2 TUBE EXTENSION...NOWHERE!!! NOT EVEN YOUTUBE!!! the instructions below will help a few handfuls of people out in this world!


"DO NOT cut the spring. If you are having problems then you pinched the spring in the nut or you have a restrictor in your tube. Take it apart again. Make sure there is no shell restrictor/limiter. Put the tube nut on first. Put the spring down the tube. Drop the cap in the extension. Push the extension down on the spring and screw it into the nut. You will get 7 shells in the tube if you did it right. If you are getting stuck at 5, you have the spring pinched start over again. Once you get the hang of it you will say boy that was easy."

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