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Condor Safety Issue


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Hello... I'm new to the forum w/ bad news... Let's paint the pic here: A group of gentlemen from work coaxed me into joining a trap league that they have going. Well, that's all fine and dandy. Love it! It's the most fun I've ever had with a gun standing still =)


My past shooting interests have not involve shotguns which would are adequate for trap shooting. So, I've been borrowing guns. Well, throughout the season, I have decided to stick with it and to go out and buy myself a beginner trap gun. Keep in mind that I have two small babies (2 and 9 months) and I'm currently on a *very* limited budget. (The Condor fits in well in this circumstance)


Considering my circumstance, I was advised to go to Dick's and buy a Condor. I picked it up on Fri, grabbed a couple of boxes of shells, part of a box of birds, and headed out to the range. Well, I immediately encountered a problem that seems to be common enough: The first barrel fires and then the safety engages. You have to cycle the safety in order to get the second barrel to fire. Okay... Well, like I said, research on this gun indicates that this is a common malfunction. Dick's has taken the gun to send back to Stoeger. They told me that I would be looking at 4-8 weeks turn around for a repair.


Okay, here's my delima... I'm certainly confident enough to tear this gun down to fix it. I've been shooting since I was 13 and have managed to repair (nearly) everything that has broken that I shoot. However, I don't know what it is exactly I'm looking for to fix in this case. I've read that converting the safety to a manual safety is a (possible) way of rectifying this problem. I've also read the the receivers of these shotguns can be packed full of greas, which could also be a contributor to this issue. I'm very tempted to simply take the gun out of Dick's, before they send it, out and take a look myself. If I can't figure it out? Well, I can send it to Stoeger just as easily as Dick's can, right?


Can any of you offer me any words of advise/guidance for attempting this repair? Or should I just suck it up and wait for Stoeger to fix it?


Many thanks!

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