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SBE2 Question Regarding Shells


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Not sure if I'll be able to get any help here, but I had a couple questions regarding my SBE2 and some shells I have. I'm not an expert by any means regarding types of shells/shot, and how they could affect the barrel. I was wondering if it is safe to shoot 2 3/4, 1 1/8oz. BB Steel shot through my barrel, and if so, can I use any of the choke tubes? I've never used steel shot through any guns before, and wasn't sure if it had any negative effect on the barrel. All I've put through my gun are target loads, and turkey rounds (5, 6 shot, etc.). I'm assuming it is Ok for the steel shot, being that the gun is a waterfowl gun, but wanted to make sure before doing any sort of damage. Also, I have a box of buckshot (forget the size, I'm thinking they're the bigger pellets, with maybe only an est. 9 in each shell?) that I was potentially going to use for close range coyote hunting. Are these safe to shoot through the gun, and if so, should I use my least restrictive choke tube? It's just not worth doing any damage to my gun to shoot these rounds, so I just wanted to double check.

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  • As a general rule when switching from lead to steel shot you would use a choke with one full degree less constriction.
  • If you want a full pattern with steel use a modified choke.
  • If you want a modified pattern with steel use an improved cylinder choke.
  • If you want an improved cylinder pattern with steel use a cylinder or skeet choke.
  • Do not use any choke tighter than modified constriction with steel shot unless the choke is specifically marked for use with steel shot.

00 BUCK: Any choke up to Full. Pattern test each choke for the best results

SLUGS: Modified Choke or larger…Again, pattern test for best results

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