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Benelli M4 / Mesa Stock - Trigger Gap Fix


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I recently purchased the Urbino stock for my Benelli M4 by Mesa Tactical. I noticed after installing it there was a gap between the stock and the trigger guard. I called Mesa and they said that the gap was there to allow for variances that too sung of a fit could cause issues. After reading several forums some people have this issue and some don't... I guess there is quite a bit of variance in M4s out there...


At any rate I cut a small strip of self-adhesive black felt, the same stuff used for furniture pads to not scratch floors. It compresses nicely and doesn't add any excessive pressure on the trigger guard. This works for me, It may work for you if that gap bugs ya...



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Isn't the felt going to get all soaked with cleaning & lubrication solutions over time? 3M makes a thick, rubbery black electrical type tape that might be a better choice as it's not porous. It's available at Lowes/Home Depot.


I thought about rubber, but I didn't want rubber to transfer to the trigger guard over time...


As for cleaning I take the stock off when I clean, so not a lot of contact with harsher solvents. If it does get gunked up over time, I can always cut a new strip and stick it on...


It's a very low cost fix and takes very little time...

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