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Nova 12 gauge w/ 3.5 inch issues


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Hello, I am having problems with my Nova and I am hoping that someone has seen/fixed this problem.


When I am using 3 1/2 inch shells in my gun, the first shell shoots fine, but when I go pump the gun, I get the second shell either jamming with the 3rd shell, or the third shell falls out of the bottom. It almost seems like there is too much pressure created by the spring causing the shell to be pushed out past the normal stopping point.


I would think it was the sping since it does not happen with 2 3/4 inch shells.


Has anyone experienced this? Thanks in advance.



I hope this explanation makes sense.

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Heh-heh!...Naw..I'm the same way....The term just brought back my memory of when Chevy came out with the "NOVA"...They had a hard time sell'n em down South due to the fact that it meant ..as u said..."No Go"....

..I'm look'n at buy'n another good pump to shoot the lower powred 7/8ths shot...{the autos seem to prefer at least 1oz loads}....Been wondering myself how the Benny Novas are hold'n up...already got a M4 come'n...Would sure like to get my hands on a Nice M3...if it functions well in both Pump & Auto

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